Long tail keywords you do or do not flow to where it is

1, we must first create a spider like.

1, through the imagination to guess, and a combination of love Shanghai index for reference, this is the most primitive way the most stupid.

five is the most common and most effective.

5, also some of the free tools for mining long tail keywords mining, the most convenient.

second: the long tail keywords mining work.


mining the long tail keywords, we have to do is to optimize the long tail keywords, the only way easier and more convenient for their site’s long tail keywords have good ranking in the search engine, the author is not good in the long winded directly on the content. Tip: you can extrapolate to do more long tail keywords, because it’s all the same.

every webmaster want to do long tail keywords case, all need to dig some long tail keywords, were selected to do some of their own. And among them, so as not to do long tail keywords index is too high, the competition is too big, it will lose the meaning of do the long tail key words. So how to mining the long tail keywords? Many methods are the past two years, today is to share with you for your reference.

This topic is

2, according to each search engine drop-down box under the long tail keywords to collect, mining and so on form.

the first point: clear the meaning of long tail keywords.

long tail keywords, in the past two years is the fiery transit. Especially for some of the bright younger generation, because most of the hot keywords are some weight higher old firmly firmly secured in the short term, we want to do those hot words ranking is very difficult. So this time we will often consider to do some long tail keywords, as compared to those front-line hot words, the long tail keywords ranking is relatively easy to do, and then do the long-term flow is very considerable, the weight of the late promotion is also very effective, so today I share with you here is the long tail keywords related knowledge and optimization, we hope to help.

?After screening for those who need to do good

4, by competitors to imitate the column page, reference to mining.

reference to some users search the long tail keywords 3, according to their background statistics.

for the long tail word from the literal meaning, we can clearly understand, generally refers to the main keywords are relative to the length of key words. For example, the "non mainstream pictures", it is the main keywords can be caused by long tail words like "non mainstream pictures of boys" and "non mainstream personality male images" etc.. This we can know some simple meaning of OK, there is no need too much time to waste on it.

third: how to optimize the long tail keywords

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