About Shanghai Pyramid Longfeng matrix ranking technology thinking

recently in Fuqing Shanghai dragon blog reader comments about Shanghai Longfeng Pyramid matrix ranking technology, the author’s first reaction is to share in the Shanghai dragon Why before an illustrated article – Shanghai dragon Pyramid model. Through the exchange, the network rumors of Shanghai Longfeng Pyramid matrix ranking technology is a different mode of thinking. In Shanghai love search to see most of the article is so described: Pyramid ranked matrix technology refers to a large number of relevant pages to form cross links, these cross links form a closed loop matrix, from the bottom to the top step recursive, eventually converging to a large Pyramid, in order to achieve the main keyword weight is piled high with the purpose.

for the Pyramid model and the matrix model are close, Fuqing Shanghai dragon think should according to the actual situation. Of course, is a good model of Pyramid is closed, a plurality of Pyramid plus matrix to pass each other, if logical thinking is not good, do not operate. So please readers think.

Fuqing Shanghai dragon hypothesis if our Pyramid three layer, then the bottom is three words, the middle layer is two words, the top is the core keywords, the bottom between the three keywords within the chain through mutual support, and support to two key words, the same two keywords to support the core keywords, this is a simple model of Pyramid. Please click on the relevant articles about the long tail word: what is the long tail keywords | how to excavate the long tail keywords.

Fuqing Shanghai Dragon said: if not the love Shanghai clicks, the regular operation of website, also can reach Shanghai dragon in Pyramid, in fact, the principle is not difficult to. Fuqing Shanghai dragon in a relationship with you on the website ranking website traffic has been referred to the relevant formula. Shanghai Longfeng traffic = overall included × finishing ranked × total hits; finishing included = grab × page; quality; the overall ranking of the core keyword ranking = × the long tail word ranking (grade two and grade three ranking). With the love of Shanghai clicks is in a short period of time to simulate user more stable and continuous increase of web page clicks, click on the depth of experience, thus disguised, rapid promotion website related word ranking.

on the matrix problem, Fuqing Shanghai dragon in the University on several related knowledge learned in high definition matrix, matrix is the two-dimensional data tables are arranged. In fact, this is a gimmick. This is a chain, can refer to what is the Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon | sprocket sprocket principle. In fact, Pyramid can also be embedded inside the sprocket, please think. Abroad in the evolution of Shanghai Longfeng chain than we advanced a lot, do Shanghai dragon can put a lot of theorem, even eight diagrams evolved into the sprocket map, Shanghai dragon sprocket actually said is easy, practical operation is quite complex and difficult. If a site outside the chain or stations do not do the sprocket, when it is easy to be a search engine as spam links, even convicted of cheating, which is K.

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