On the new site of the industry development path from the limitations of industry website developmen

what selling keywords? Such as the Dong’ou valve network www.dopv.cn, the product category type valve all the layout into a suitable optimization, and has the potential to optimize Shanghai love home page or top of the page. The reason we do this page, just waiting for one day, the whole site weight up, every page which product categories, can be rented to the company. Or hang 1-2 company corresponding product categories at the top of the page. The formation of highly targeted publicity. Instead of every enterprise need to optimize your site. However, to put these words do up the road is very long. However, this can be said to be Dong’ou valve network technology department in a website began to layout good after the way.

1, or sell advertising in the form of

4, the industry site optimization

2, sell keywords in the form of


if a few years to run a business website until today, then surely will get some success. Today, if you still continue to operate the industry site according to the previous routine, can be said to a dead end. The industry site has a very large limitations, if it is electronic commerce site, it cannot order, within the site and payment transactions. If it is not e-commerce site, and can divide it into the ranks of the B2B. But now most of the industry sites are relying on the image ads +VIP members such charges in the struggle for survival. Then the new construction site of the industry how to develop

since there is an industry station, so you can quickly better access to industry enterprises, business owners. Set up a website for the business but also to a certain extent, the development of industry nurturing station. Because we firmly control the enterprise station, we can get some from the sites outside the chain of resources, make your site more benign industry and enterprise interactive station.


Internet advertising is a very cheap way, the entire Internet advertising can be said to account for a large part of the profits. So, the new construction site of the industry in selling advertising a corresponding industry promotion, enhance its brand value and must do. When it comes to enhance its brand, must have a flow, and is the industry’s business flow. However, the development of the Internet, through the optimization to obtain cheap traffic is an inevitable road.

had a slightly stronger industry station, with the use of some enterprise site resources. The next step, you can rely on the industry for Bunker enterprises to optimize the site to optimize the individual needs. It can be said is a site of the industry development mode. And when we have the quality, after related resources, do optimization work can be said to be good.

3, as the site of the industry website

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