n four we should avoid Shanghai Longfeng customers

four: a bad site customer

is in the Shanghai dragon competition between one of the key factors to success is the customer and the Shanghai dragon consultants. For their advisor or clients trust and sharing information on their business model is very important. However, for a good relationship with the customer advisor for the Shanghai dragon is as important as. Here are some types of customers, you may Shanghai dragon is a nightmare. These types of Shanghai, we should try to avoid the customer.

if you are in the early negotiations, if your customer requirements you have to report their Shanghai Longfeng process every day, of course report is needed, but if it is every day, you’d better not take the optimization project, as the Shanghai dragon Er, we don’t have the energy daily reporting process but it is difficult to carry out the work. If a customer through this check you, that they don’t trust you. Of course, you should try to avoid not you communicate or provide you with valuable information to the customer, because communication with the customer or to obtain information on your Shanghai dragon is very helpful. More information is available, the better.

three: don’t trust your customer


search engine optimization is a long-term project construction. If you want to see the results in search engine results, need a few months in general. Especially if the customer is a very competitive keywords space. As the best provider of Shanghai dragon to avoid this kind of Shanghai Longfeng process do not understand customers. Shanghai dragon and other marketing strategies, it is a long-term strategy, not a clear start or end. If you give up your optimization strategy after a period of time, your site may fall to the original location of the. A plan needs to be established and long-term normal execution. Slow and steady wins the race. So it is best to avoid do not understand the process of customers is the best for you.

two: only rely on Shanghai Longfeng customers

best customers is that they have their own different marketing strategies, and not just in search engine optimization strategy. They understand that they need to use different methods to obtain the specific target audience. Online marketing and other methods, such as PPC, social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing etc.. The best customers know other marketing methods, because if the customer only search engine marketing since then, your work will be very difficult.

: impatient customer

strong link building strategy is of no help to a poor design of website. A good website if not in the search engine’s good performance and there will be no traffic. A web site’s success depends on these two aspects. If a potential customer’s website is a poor user.

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