Love the sea off of Taobao passenger abandoned Taobao A thing has its cause survival


This is my

in April 24th, that time is not only the words "Taobao", even "taobao贵族宝贝" the return of the Taobao keyword, net guest sites have such a high ranking, the wheat bags tightly under pressure.

When the

‘s been so big inconstant in policy, change, I analyze the following reasons:

in Shanghai in June 22nd and June 26th have the webmaster forum UPDATE statement: "make the low quality site measures have been effective" a detailed description of the plans on love Shanghai. For the low quality of the site, the official explanation is no love Shanghai original or false original content. The website comes down to just to get traffic from the search is not beneficial to love Shanghai, user experience.

in July 8th, I search for a "taobao贵族宝贝", to my surprise, the return of the Taobao network guest website ranking disappeared, even in the top 1000 are not found, but the return of network competitors 51 rebate network was originally to return the net position. I can’t help thinking: what is the competition between rival malicious complaints? Artificial intervention results of love inside Shanghai

was a great discovery through a detailed analysis of the "Taobao" the word:

after the end of June Shanghai love big update baptism, as Taobao one of the guests, have survived in love after the Shanghai massacre, but the site’s ranking has a greater than before. Taobao exchange guest some time ago with former battles together, also have webmaster website by K, life is not easy. Therefore, this lesson to me more than that, should be on how to get to the next Taobao customers to make correct judgment. Here, I collected the last stage of love with Shanghai screenshots to share with you, hope and the United Front Taobao guest to discuss the way of existence.


1. love Shanghai boycott low quality site

we know that most Taobao customers of the API is very simple, but there are obvious repeat >


This is a screenshot of the

2. Taobao customers love Shanghai discrimination


but things are not so simple. In July 10th, when I search for "taobao贵族宝贝" again, I was shocked, the search results page in addition to wheat bags remains strong, other Taobao customers have disappeared, either return the net, or more than 51 rebate network shopping network, all disappeared.


Effect of

in March 27th before a screenshot of the "Taobao" search found the net return Taobao guest website ranking so before, even more than the wheat bags, feel very unbelievable.

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