How to sell a 200 yuan dumplings the master is still in the civil

[Abstract] how to sell 2 yuan of dumplings to one of the 200 important is not the answer, but the way you think?


a, do a PPT, the dumplings of raw materials from the species to the harvest and then to the processing of all demonstration again, how to emphasize how hard, and then change a gold packaging, this is the focus.


PS: Wanda electricity supplier CEO fan children.

two, but also a year of graduation season, coincides with the Dragon Boat Festival season. Today in the restaurant to buy dumplings are popular grass root community, a hard to find millet mobile phone to send. This is not a simple dumplings, this is a magical intelligent dumplings, in your morning rush to work without breakfast, just took out our gift dumplings on the smart mobile phone millet mobile phone back, playing three minutes of the game, the sweet dumplings cooked reeky. Environmental protection, safety, time saving, labor saving, fashion, is home to travel, and rob the essentials. Not 9999, not 5999, not 3999, celebrate double as long as 1999, intelligent home dumplings.


PS: Lei brother will be sad.

three, if the suit made dumplings three kinds of packaging: one is the Peach-Shaped Mantou shaped birthday, 488 yuan /; second is a heart-shaped couples dress, selling 520 yuan / pair; third is the Buddha shape, open light luxury package, selling 688 yuan / on. This is the product packaging value innovation.


PS: not to eat dumplings, is a peace of mind.

four, WeChat circle of friends circulated Jordan sell sweatshirts story, hire a child squatting at the airport took the opportunity to see celebrities, they rushed to call him to sign on the dumplings. 2 turn over the old big photos, to see if there is no dumplings, it is said that this is the year to eat dumplings brand. 3 manufacturing restructuring concept, said this is not an ordinary dumplings and meat dumplings, is Steamed Pork Dumplings reorganization to.


PS: the first way is interesting, and quickly go to camp.

pack a lot of delicious things, and then get a place where they have never eaten dumplings.

PS: Africa?

five, and the fund company organized a charity caring father, can advance to the shooting scene Promo some lonely elderly life, father’s Day approaching, looking for some good image of filial piety star, and the star with experience and can learn dumplings, only back to this commemorative dumplings. The 200 yuan donated by the participants will be donated to the elderly who need help.

PS: estimated that the stars have to spend a lot of money.


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