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now three new board is still missing the media window, hot stocks and plate information. New three board vertical media obvious opportunities for entrepreneurship, that is, content entrepreneurship, get a certain amount of traffic, and then derived a lot of cash. Some media sources have been created from the media. Read three new board, three easy board and three new board, founder of online media source.

board is gradually warming up, especially in the spring of 2015, with the A shares rose, the new board seemed to usher in the spring season, many new three vertical media came into being, at least now on the market there are dozens of vertical WeChat public number. Entrepreneurs in different fields aimed at the new three panel vertical media, hoping to take this as an opportunity to dig out the hidden treasure in the three new board. A small piece of vertical media, what what hidden entrepreneurial opportunities? How the current major entrepreneurs living here? What hidden murderous? How will the future? I visited at least 6 new board vertical media. Let’s see how they move.

second, no more shopping. Visiting the webmaster Wangzhuan site or forum, which people have questions, followed with.

first, search is king. sh419, shlf1314 put in that, you have a problem, you can search, how, also don’t cost, as long as typing tens of grams of strength, you do not want to? Fortunately, you have to face to visit your blog, but unfortunately, we mistook one after another as a network to make senior, so often there will be a lot of Wangzhuan novice consulting me. There are many, I lost in the past is the direct word "use sh419 Search", or answer questions, plus "after a problem to sh419, not one is not willing to answer questions, the problem is you of these problems is not a problem, you can hand to solve things, why waste your requirements? Why my time? sh419 shlf1314 is the largest free teacher not to ask, it can be said that the new problems, which are more than eighty per cent of the answer, and the answer has more than standard. When some friends talk, I see a strange concept and ask, and my practice is to search at once, and I often find something new in addition to seeing what I want to know. Search for my habitual actions. No, SEARCH, that’s right, SEARCH, the next one doesn’t understand, then SEARCH. Of course, one is coming, and smart people can not learn from me, I this is a stupid method. In a few years ago after the Wangzhuan utterly ignorant of no teacher, no communication, object, what rely on search. I do website, it is from search how to do a website, how to build a website, how to make a website, do website, video, build website, course to wait for keyword search over the past. Every step, every step up. Really, the use of the search, and all the people do not ask for help.

has a bright future from enterprise training to FA business?

in addition to content entrepreneurship, the new three board, another piece of blue ocean is rolling.

read the new board and easy three media form is WeChat public number, three new board online are more diversified, including website, WeChat public version of APP, mobile phone number, magazines, clubs, three new board research center. The founder of the vertical media said to me, "the most important thing is to do the right thing at the moment.".

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facts or the same, from the content point of view, the new three board entrepreneurs who are testing the water.

WeChat public number >

but obviously, relying solely on content is not enough to prop up the entire business model. That year, the East wealth started from the content, gathered tens of millions of investors, and then launched a financial product. Compared with A shares of 80 million shareholders, the new board of personal accounts of about 200 thousand, Institutional Accounts 22 thousand. Such a niche market. How to rebuild another "Oriental Wealth", and more founder said to me, in the new three board this niche market, WeChat public number can not support the media properties, cash is a false proposition.


Wangzhuan Wangzhuan occupation, and all walks of life, suitable for all kinds of occupation law, 360 lines, adventure.has, Wangzhuan also like to say a big Tencent, sh419 is a little smaller, achieve success and win recognition, tudou, dangdang, is also a successful person wangzhuan. In fact, Wangzhuan really has become a kind of occupation, and the number is surging. As a beginner we envy, more down-to-earth, seriously study, from the novice is transformed into a veteran veteran from the transition as soon as possible, become the Wangzhuan master. One after another, and all the beginner, also experienced ignorance, helpless, helpless novice stage, of course, in many ways, one is still a new not new novice, I have been learning, efforts have been made, so far without a single success. But I am willing to share my new and you Wangzhuan Wangzhuan learning method, hope can help to you, let us have more confidence and less confusion. One view is that both men and women, both young and old Wangzhuan regardless of qualifications, can be done successfully, the premise is whether you have a lasting learning and execution. I didn’t make a systematic summary of what I said, even if everyone could understand. You can also keep abreast of.

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‘s flagship content,

it is worth mentioning that, although the new board account only more than 20, but the attention of potential crowd of three new board not only this: nearly 8000 landed three new board enterprise, brokerage, private institutions, with the vote, "the new Sanban potential concern there should be many millions of people." In the future, with the opening of the innovation layer, many good news, the content of entrepreneurship will be able to innovate what new realization model, but also need entrepreneurs to explore.

entrepreneurs are curious about the water quality of the capital market and are eager to learn to swim". Some vertical media target this market.

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