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hawks believe that in order to improve the conversion rate, the following aspects need to be considered:

in June 28th 2007 Chinese industry website investment and Development Forum official website: 2007. netsun, HC veterans Guo Fansheng sentence "industry website just like on the fly on the window, seeing the light but not the future, let the industry website creators feel stuck in my throat. It seems that the development of the industry website is bound to be "ceiling" repression, to further breakthroughs, difficult!

Internet era has unlimited potential, seeing the rely on the concept of income has not started, a penny Web2.0 company can hold large amounts of risk investment "flicker", the industry website executives sit. "We have the money, why didn’t we vote?"

      B2C; how can the web site to improve traffic conversion rate? Also sell a product, a well-designed website, 1000 IP may bring 10 effective conversion, rather than on the conversion rate of the page, 1000 IP may not generate a valid user, in the network promotion, flow to the flow conversion rate, after a previous one class is more important.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

new Zhejiang network September 5, "we do industry Web site, a lot of people look very ‘earth’." A veteran of the industry website told reporters. It sounds as if it is out of step with the ever-changing fashion personality of the Internet, but it is this group of people who created the Chinese miracle of the internet.

It is not surprising that the

facing such information explosion, subdivision has become an inevitable trend of Internet development. With this subdivision more and more, there may be tens of thousands of subdivision sites in the future, and too many sub sites will bring information silos.

network seems to find a good development. Perhaps for many years engaged in industry website reasons, he deeply understand the industry website due to excessive segmentation caused by "information island" problem. According to his understanding, if the average daily birth of each site a page calculation, "the total daily birth will be more than one billion, a year is down 36 billion 500 million, equivalent to the amount of information" 4 shlf1314, 8 sh419".

industry website was born and developed in a lumpy economy, a prominent Zhejiang. Today, at least 70% of the industry’s Web sites are hiding in a corner of Zhejiang. Some people say that the industry website is "Zhejiang own understanding of the Internet", compared with the overseas returnees affected by the Internet culture, Zhejiang local businessmen seem more pragmatic, more grassroots. Zhejiang businessmen created the industry website, there is no gorgeous story, and some are snowball like rolling development model. They did not have a strong sense of venture capital, they are accompanied by the development of the industry and steady growth. Until one day, suddenly found the same industry website Hi2000 is listed, and immediately sought after, they deeply realized the power of capital.

in fact, the key question is, how deep can the industry website dig?

Hi2000 chairman Sun Deliang started by

based on this understanding, Sun Deliang proposed that the company did not

              Internet era has infinite possibilities, stop in front of the glass will be broken.

1, truly customer-centric website design, programmers, art can not represent the customer, when designing a site after a good, if possible, the best way is to choose targeted customers to try and put forward opinions: your point of view, only you know, and do not represent the customer feel.
2, how to reasonably guide customers, so that customers have a strong desire to buy? Online shopping is largely impulse buying, creating this impulse, through various possible means such as text, pictures, sound, and discounts.
3, in seconds, calculated from the customers desire to buy, to purchase time, ten seconds to complete the process, will not be eleven seconds, ten clicks to complete the process, must not be made 11 times.
4, to customers in good faith, there are too many network fraud, so to customers in good faith are very important, the integrity of experience, specific websites layout, art, and old customers of the website message, contact details, qualification, service content and other methods to achieve better public. The purpose of.
5, detailed help, what questions will customers ask? What’s the problem? Experience tells us that the process of solving problems is the process of getting a deal. What kind of questions can have a standard answer? What questions need to be explained flexibly? When the customer has been unable to raise new questions, it is time for the deal.
6, to provide convenient online contact: communication with customers online, we can not ask the customer by telephone, mail and we take the initiative to communicate with network, reduce customer cost, at the same time online contact can also effectively increase customer turnover rate.
7, membership, marketing methods, and other methods of integrated use.
8, the rapid process of payment method of payment, a standard shopping site, must provide the perfect online payment and other payment methods: should in customer purchase intentions, in the head is not completely clear before you want to be fooled, completed the payment process. A prospective client has placed a single order without payment. He woke up after a nap, and 80% might cancel his yesterday’s list.
      why? Quite simply, this is me: the eagle’s experience. new team: Eagle < >

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