Eight ability needed in Wangzhuan whether you already haveSeveral common misconceptions about SNS

1.SNS is a new business model.    

in most cases, half of the average person will split up the network for themselves, such as college classmates, high school classmates, primary school classmates, and different circles

what is integration ability? Abstract point, for example, a website to traffic, and we want to think how to make these traffic can be the most reasonable use, that is, to maximize the benefits of these traffic. So how do we integrate these traffic? Such as a flow of use, we need to think of several programs, with the flow to do CPS combinedinappropriate? CPA? Or CPC effect is good? And so on; we all need to integrate, try not to waste any traffic. The analysis of the entire process of using traffic is your ability to integrate projects.

two. Analytical skills

I have spoken before, all Wangzhuan from thinking, and all Wangzhuan thinking is to discover and analysis. Among the veterans Wangzhuan Wangzhuan master all know, thinking is the most important. Because there are a lot of things in the network will be more or less there are some similarities, or have different approaches but equally satisfactory results between them. Therefore, as long as we go to the analysis of a project, so we can be immediately extended to other in the project, and then re integration of the project, make it become a new project, which is the ability to draw inferences. So, we usually must think more, discover more, think more, then your thinking will increase unconsciously.

3.SNS allows friendships to develop across stages.

5. relationships and friendships don’t need to be separated.


many friends think Wangzhuan industry is actually a simple industry, does not need much advanced technology. In fact, I think the most difficult thing is the highest industry Wangzhuan industry, because of the higher need to learn things too much. For example, to learn HTML language, learn to do, learn to look at the code, even to promote marketing and so on; and this is just the most basic technical work, must have no industry than this complex. A new Wangzhuan is easy, but you want to become a master Wangzhuan that can have bit of difficulty. Then the eight ability of a master Wangzhuan have, do you know? Do you have? Let’s ambition for everyone to analyze eight basic ability in Wangzhuan industry.

, in essence, SNS is simply a means of expanding the user’s scale quickly through a new concept and its own snowball effect. Of course, there are SNS users connected to the larger scale, because of the line relationship to the online communication is more and more, but this is the embodiment of website community and user scale, rather than SNS itself for the benefits of the website.

as long as plus friends, any stranger can become your one time relationship, this is not realistic. The reality is that any friendship, emotional development, need to go through a process. From strangers to acquaintances, to acquaintances, and then to intimate friends. And now most of the SNS site regardless of closeness to everyone, will be classified as a class is not consistent with the public behavior.

four. Planning ability

analysis can also be understood as the ability to solve problems. Because in the analysis of a project, the course of a problem, we need to check sh419, to check the relevant information, when we put this project and problems are thoroughly analyzed thoroughly, then we can solve a problem, and in the process to solve this problem, we have learned knowledge, and constantly deepen the impression of knowledge will be on your mind, which translates into what you have learned.

4.SNS website as long as the people gathered together, the most since activity on the line, do not need to go up the reaction on the site " function; " growth process.

when we got a profitable project. Are we going to do it right now? We have to plan it well before we do it. That’s how you can finish this project

2.SNS can make me know more friends and make friends without limit.

three. Integration capability

this misunderstanding encourages users to add " at the beginning of registration, and " acts, but this behavior is not growing, and can not bring practical benefits to users in the future. The role of SNS should be users in a community environment, through the interaction of various types, good management and maintenance for the " then, friendship " have the opportunity to meet new friends in common group. In reality, can be found through observation, with deep feelings are called " physical touch " relationship, normally they have or will now live in a small geographical area, or business within an organization. So " physically accessible " is a problem that most SNS sites ignore.

brand promotion with the old, in an article in July minus 500-1000 yuan

through the nature of the individual, historical and social attributes can be quantitative relationship between users, groups and groups, through the network interaction and some artificial intervention measures, the user can see these changes, and through the change of self motivation in their network interaction on the station.

nearly two months ago to write, said about the US SNS model in the China problem.

Some of the SNS

1. Thinking ability

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