Kaka net unprecedented price kuangshuai celebration Huan buy network Lin Lechang Mobile electricity

recently, Lin Lechang is busy with two well-known domestic mobile phone brand negotiations, he intends to let shopping mall APP and September has just launched a lottery client built into two of these products.

this is a happy shopping network, different from the industry, focusing on advertising flow >


to celebrate the 2008, Kaka network launched an unprecedented price, you must go, 2 fold 50 percent off Cap promotional activities, each commodity value to buy, there is a surprise spree unprecedented, once a year, as long as the successful generation of orders, which have high returns, please put the webmaster to /p>! "

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, founder of the popular shopping network, believes that mobile phones are the most important medium for low-end users to access the Internet, and their shopping needs are rigid

this is a traditional large electronic business platform seems to disdain the market, but it has become a mobile Internet practitioners entrepreneurship paradise. Before Huan buy network, Zhang Xiaowei and Zhang Yu, who have wireless background, have set up "buying and selling treasure" and "love shopping network" in Beijing and Guangzhou respectively. As a latecomer, Lin Lechang tried to step out of the road of alienation.

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two years ago, Lin Lechang resigned from the 3G portal, carrying 200 thousand yuan in a cramped cramped residential building in Guangzhou, set up a "happy Mdt InfoTech Ltd", the operation of Huan purchase network – an independent mobile provider website. In October 2012, the vision, which is in the Pearl River poly World Trade Center office, who was born in the 80 family Chaoshan businessman said Huan purchase has been among the same type of mobile network providers the ranks of the top three, this year’s target transactions amounted to 1 hundred million.


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initial stage, good at mobile internet marketing Lin Lechang, choose to bypass the "burn" marketing, and directly with the mobile solutions business cooperation, will be happy shopping mall application built-in mobile phones. He was lucky to bet on him. In 2012, as the market for thousands of Yuan smart machines was completely blown up, the volume of transactions in the online trading market rose by a straight line. As of the end of the three quarter of this year, the volume of transactions was doubled on the basis of the volume of transactions completed last year. According to Lin Lechang introduction, at present, through the mobile client built into the flow accounted for more than 60% of its total traffic.

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and traditional electricity supplier mobile version of the biggest difference is that his customers more "mobile", mainly aimed at migrant workers, students and other groups, while the former is more PC will end white-collar users to the mobile terminal translation. Once in the wireless ring removed 7 years of Lin Lechang believes that the mobile phone is the main media of these low-end users access to the Internet, and their demand is rigid.

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in the face of the domestic electricity supplier industry is in full swing in price war, Lin Lechang believes that independent mobile providers are far from this stage, but also to avoid such a trend. And he chose one of the paths, is to create a "light" electronic business platform.

because of the "Huan buy" network, to some extent, it is mobile phone manufacturers to achieve its nearly billion transactions. "As of now, the transaction volume of 80 million, double the growth of last year, which are benefited from the substantial increase in cooperation mobile phone manufacturers shipments." Lin Lechang told global entrepreneur.

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