s there a future for shared electric bikes coming out of closed scenesOverview website construction

numerous controversial, shared bike with its strong ability to attract money, has become the 2017 launch of the investment sector is one of the few dazzling areas. In recent days, as one of the extensions of shared bicycles, the share of electric bicycles collectively referred to as shared TRAM also rises. In Beijing, Shanghai and other big cities on the streets, sharing the tram figure quietly appeared, so that the current share of the war situation has become more complicated.

, experienced the baptism of e-commerce era, all network operators become more pragmatic. No one will be looking for an eye economy, and no one is dreaming of building a website and will be a listed company in six months’ time. At the same time, the charm of Internet was also thoroughly promoted by that time, and more people enterprises realized the superiority of Internet.

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will load the content on the website server client to a telecommunication service provider specializing in the creation of the data center and data center through the way to access Internet, known as the hosting style.

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characteristics: enterprises can build on the service environment according to their own needs; unified deployment and security management work; website and enterprise survival time will not appear simultaneously, the sudden termination of service. At the same time, enterprises can help provide adequate cyber source telecommunication service provider data center, network adjustment and diversified application in investment rare cases, such as office network, virtual private network, network conference etc..

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chaos frequency, Beijing emergency stop

, Luantingluanfang problem is very serious. According to the network spread a picture sharing a bicycle parking found that even the existence of the phenomenon of blind occupy. The other is the problem of sharing the tram products, the "Beijing Commercial Daily" reporter visited the investigation found that the existence of electric zebra GPS positioning inaccurate, unstable vehicle start, take back the car inconvenience and other issues. These policies, environment, products and other issues, for the momentum of the outbreak of shared tram has cast a shadow.

Like sharing bicycles,

since there is a demand market for shared bicycles, there is also room for development as a variant sharing tram. Breakdown of shared tram several start-ups, from the mode of speaking, mainly divided into two categories, one: similar to the early ofo, the main campus, scenic and other regional services, such as diffuse riding, rent eight quit, Meng Xiao ming. Two: the other is complete the bike sharing mainstream learning mode, divided into non pile and pile, is user oriented public, honey, is this kind of electric zebra.

capital boost from closed out of

also faces many problems. Beijing traffic control department emergency brake, electric Xiaomi zebra, but why so many people surprised. From the reports can be seen, not on the license, does not comply with relevant regulations, the existence of security risks is an important reason for checking. The electric zebra, because the actual travel up to 35 kilometers per hour, a weight of more than 40 pounds, has been suspected of violating the "general technical requirements for electric bikes".

in the same is not optimistic about the speech and negative news reports, the beginning of the year to share bicycles, several consecutive to $100 million as a unit of financing, and firmly hit the face of science and technology commentators. There is a car sharing hot, from the unknown to the public, the bureau now has more than a dozen giant, including travel, enjoy riding, riding, hunting deer, pig man rent bicycles, electric zebra, eight to 7, motorcycles, and horse travel to find adorable Xiaoming, believe with the favor of the capital of this list will continue to increase.

the bad news is that the day before the traffic control department of Beijing two consecutive emergency stop sharing electric trams, honey, because they do not meet the reason being interviewed the standard, not on the license, there are security risks.

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

if sharing tram is also considered as a major category of shared bike tide, the sharing of regional services is a retro model, similar to the development of the city is to follow the trend of the current mainstream. We know, phase >

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