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Dr. Jiang Jifa’s understanding and discussion:

talks about just need to find out just now. The word never seem to have, along with the development and popularization of Internet mobile Internet deepen, popular business and investment, only in the past few years has been mentioned? Opposites just should be soft, just needs and pain points are not the same thing. Pain points, opposites, pseudo pseudo. Just need to have such a pseudo propositional meaning. Eat, drink, dressing, panting, toilet, medical treatment, education, telecommunications, transportation, child support, support for the elderly, and so on, are just need! For the business is concerned, just means a new means to solve the user need, one or some pain point needs, can mean the user and the demand of the market. That is, just need new demand, real demand, solve the needs of user problems, users can use and market prospects.

more and more orange bicycles appeared in the city, and people accepted it slowly.

, if you’re an entrepreneur and you’re talking to people, you’ll probably just need the word. "Just need what?" "how to meet just needed?" and so on. Yesterday a passenger exchanges in the trimaran, suddenly mentioned just what is it? "By Dr. Jiang Group micro signal: jjf6933 attention. "The subject is on the point.

ofo, v-mobile Bureau earlier, the latest round of financing valued to the unicorn. According to public information network to incomplete statistics, there are at least 30 shared bicycle brand joined the battle, the more than 30 total city bicycle amount has exceeded 300 thousand units, mainly in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and other places, of which Guangzhou has only about 100000 cars.

1., according to public information collation, has disclosed financing information of start-up companies, a total of 11. Among them, only 2016, the second half of the amount of financing over 3 billion yuan, >

first think, just need the opposite word is what? Just need and pain point relationship, regardless of the price level, the supply and demand does not change much, that is just need?

I often asked just don’t know! Apple mobile phone is not just to be? Ask Jobs, whether the big screen mobile phone is just? Jobs said the 3.5 screen mobile phone is just, the Samsung mobile phone screen to make big, is also very popular. I started business in the United States, rarely mentioned just need, but in China mentioned more. Just need to seem to have such a pseudo propositional meaning. However, it is of positive significance to differentiate the functions or services that must be used by the user community and the available functional services. What exactly does it mean to start a business? Is it possible to say that successful products are catering to the needs of the day? Are there any counter examples?

bike sharing is essentially a public service, highly dependent on government resources and blood transfusions. The most realistic approach is to operate through the "government + market" approach. A lot of people will see "orange wars" with "drops" and "Uber", but their magnitude is not quite the same. According to statistics, China will choose the "last mile" riding population of about 85 million, and for the foothold of the Internet platform, 100 million users are only just started, but don’t say no clear profit model.

‘s shared bike industry, which began brewing in early 2015, finally ushered in a concentrated explosion in the second half of 2016. In 2017, investors to have started the first gun for cheering, turned and started at home and abroad take cities and seize territory "".


capital mania on wheels

the last three kilometers of bicycle v-mobile and ofo small yellow car appeared almost at the same time, Liang Weihong in the v-mobile panda capital B round of investment, with a "disturbed bet" describes the mood at that time. Most people are not optimistic, and more institutions are watching the theatre. It’s hard to follow up on the shared bikes that have been sweeping the Internet, and many are waiting for the first company to collapse.


as shown in the chart:

‘s shared bike industry, which began brewing in early 2015, finally ushered in a concentrated explosion in the second half of 2016. In 2017, investors to have started the first gun for cheering, turned and started at home and abroad take cities and seize territory "".

Kang Wan, Liu Chang, just need to think:

Jia Ming a pseudonym at night after work very naturally to a small yellow car moved into a small garage, he pulled out the lock clicked lock; Lei Sheng a pseudonym directly to the car and carried it to the 12 floor, the time needed to move on; and circle sharing real-time updates the code share Excel…… side is off the wheels, the password is graffiti "bad car", while the "City Hunter" took the car parked illegally moved to the intersection, and then reported. With the first light across the night, the good and evil of human nature and the city’s heavy traffic streams of people busily coming and going intertwined.

Apple actually hit the phone

below is the Wikipedia explanation:

, I have an encyclopedia. Basic or around the room just need to say that, in fact, just need to start during the Internet, will also often mentioned.


author Zhang Haibo micro signal: longdezidi train of thought:

rigid demand, relative to elastic demand, refers to the demand for goods in relation to supply and demand, which includes daily necessities, household durables and so on. Can also be understood as people’s daily life of goods and necessities.

then invited everyone to think deeply about this topic and discuss it.

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