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1. network promotion

Babyhuddle founder Walid · Al · Sakav Walid Al Saaf said: "our main competitor is Kiddicare, Mothercare and Mamas & Papas, also some competition with amazon. Compared to the competitors, is our unique strengths, we use social media content around the unique product development, give parents the opportunity to create your own list of products, the product directly into the question and answer of that conversation."

this article compiles from TechCrunch

on Babyhuddle, many young parents will list baby lists, evaluate products, and answer questions raised by others, so that "new parents" will be targeted when shopping.

many novice webmaster often consult the Internet money have no chance, how to make money through the Internet? Can clearly tell you that the Internet still has the opportunity to make money, such as the novice webmaster friends can through Taobao customers, website alliance to sell advertising and other projects to make money, but to get traffic and the degree of competition and a few years ago compared to the difficulty a lot of success as a personal webmaster must learn the following necessary basic knowledge to do wangzhuan.

2. web design

Babyhuddle uses the "social + electricity supplier" mode,

network promotion is the use of Internet resources to promote their products or services to target customers. Network promotion methods are many, at present more commonly used is WeChat promotion, space promotion, group promotion, BBS promotion, blog promotion, soft text promotion and so on. To grasp the network promotion, the method is only the second, the most important thing is to locate the target customer base. For example, you sell women’s clothing, are you doing promotion before you have to know your customers what and where to find your customers and your customers the most love what kind of clothing, then you can cast a wide net. I know a friend of mine, she passed the space every day can bring 2 to 3 pen turnover to their women’s Taobao store, according to her, these customers are found through mogujie, because she knows there are many women love shopping on mogujie, and then she and their . And often update their space pictures of beautiful clothes, do not have to say, many of them are actively looking for her to sell, to do network marketing, precision marketing is essential, so here is the network promotion skills is listed as the first novice webmaster to build brand of the first gun

Sakav was the founder of the consumer review site TrustedPlaces, after the UK marketing service provider Yell acquired in this website, then he created Babyhuddle, so has some experience in the field of social business. Babyhuddle is another classic example of how social media is applied to existing e-commerce categories.



at present, focus on baby products should be said that there are many online retailers, but Babyhuddle business mainly focus on the "social" this element, trying to build a new service mode, pay attention to the communication between users. Babyhuddle, launched in November 2011, has been welcomed by some users in the UK and officially landed on the US market on Thursday.

many novice webmaster do not understand website development, their website is mostly through the online source mechanically over, such as the popular dream system, wordpress blog system, Empire cms. Although these systems can meet the requirements for the novice webmaster website, but a lot of time to download the template will have a lot of questions, but also reach the webmaster display content on the site, so the modified code can hardly be avoided. Therefore, web design for novice webmaster must also learn, of course, do not particularly proficient. Web design here refers to simple html+div+css code, and as for ASP, PHP, these do not require special requirements. Novice webmaster if you want to learn the basis of web design in the first phase of "A5 station network training curriculum includes not only the html+div+css comprehensive study, but also teach you how to use the example system, phpcms, CMS. The Empire making complete website, interested can look at the xuanxue/201308/15.html or add my 8801775 exchange.

of the parent for many young people, what to buy baby supplies which do not have much experience, because most of them can not start, and baby supplies online retailer Babyhuddle aimed at the target population, offers an online community of young parents.

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