WeChat small program can not share the entrance search entrepreneurs to be disappointed

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news about WeChat is about to launch a small program, is not a day two days. Before I met a lot of entrepreneurs, I heard that WeChat to a small program, it is basically the order of the company’s programmers are concerned about a small program every day, but also the early study of small programs. For these entrepreneurs, micro-blog’s tuyere did not seize, App’s tuyere did not seize, at least WeChat small program tuyere must seize.

small program has become a lot of people did not seize the tuyere entrepreneurs hope. They hope that this is WeChat, there is an entrance, just like Appstroe, all of the small programs can be recommended, classification, ranking, and each small program can be recommended as an independent App, is forwarded, you can even use the push, plus advertising and so on, the independent App can complete things, a small program can be completed.

but now, December 28th WeChat open class, Zhang Xiaolong told a real small program looks like, I think when all have this idea of entrepreneurs see that after the interview, should all the rest.

first: small program in WeChat no entry

in December 28, 2016, WeChat open class Pro version of the live broadcast on the entrance of the. Zhang Xiaolong said: a lot of people want to get the first time traffic entrance. If a person does not run any of a small program, then WeChat can not find any entrance. This is related to the concept of the product, we advocate in WeChat to the center of the structure, we can not see the number of entries in the entrance of WeChat, there are classification, sort of things exist. When WeChat has no entrance, all provide public services to businesses, they will find a way to get their two-dimensional code spread to various places, the real implementation of the public entrance number not in WeChat, and in the two-dimensional code inside. We hope that the start of a small program from the scan two-dimensional code. But if we have a basic entrance, then WeChat is the basis of the snatch entrance.

means: WeChat will not open a small program for a separate entrance, that is, want to pass the diversion of WeChat five hundred million or six hundred million users. So how do you give yourself a small program diversion? Go to the line under the two-dimensional code ah, go to the railway station, bus station posted, or posted on the site. To give a small program diversion, only rely on their own traffic has been. If you do not own the source of traffic, then how to do?. A App app store and WeChat good diversion channel, a small program? Nothing.

second: small program can not share circle of friends

of course, it may be said that you can share the circle of friends to allow users to download ah. You see a lot of App, such as drops taxi, a variety of public numbers are shared by a circle of friends to bring a lot of traffic, but also the fire up. Another is a lot of H5 games, applications are to share the circle of friends fire up. Arguably WeChat small program can share to friends.

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