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      it was reported that in 2008, spending on web advertising would go beyond the broadcast advertising budget.

I dark horse note: dark horse business district finally ushered in a campus small whirlwind. By the "entrepreneur" media and ELIFE smartphone co sponsored ELIFE campus dark horse entrepreneurship contest will be launched in 31 provinces and cities nationwide, 41 cities, 121 colleges and universities. Organized jointly with Peking University Guanghua School of management in yesterday’s competition started at the press conference, Xu Xiaoping teacher site published recently the most wonderful words of a speech; the mystery guest six new hope group and co chairman Liu Chang also dump site, and for the first time in the campus public speaking; the more violent PK Tsinghua University Department of entrepreneurs; the most cattle Security Venture shocked the audience……

in the past, entrepreneurship is a big thing, entrepreneurship is a very painful thing, people changed a bit more difficult than monkeys. To start a business than to become a monkey, Wu Xiaobo wrote a "fiasco". >

business is no longer a tough thing,

      before that, analysts had predicted beyond the time in 2007. By 2008, 8% of the world’s advertising expenses will come from the Internet world, with a mere 7.9% of broadcast advertising.

is now the university entrepreneurship is not the same, in June this year, we and Jin Lilu went to a Silicon Valley, is a Sino US venture tournament, we took 12 Chinese project, 10 tutors, everyone in the Silicon Valley side of the game, while doing business. It reached a major trading Tencent invested 58 city $790 million, in addition to doing business, we also feel the Silicon Valley youth entrepreneurship atmosphere, so decided to return to the China more than 160 universities, we turn around.

why did the dark horse walk into the campus

      if the world as a whole, this year’s advertising market growth rate will reach 5.2%, but different in various fields, such as the Internet, outdoor advertising, radio and television and magazines and other print media. It is reported that, in 2008, the Beijing Olympic Games will bring a short-term advertising market stimulus, on the other hand, the U. S. presidential election and the European football champions cup will also play a role in fueling.

as the organizer, the Entrepreneur Magazine President Niu Wenwen also delivered a wonderful speech at the opening ceremony: "the new era of entrepreneurship is coming!" is the full text of the speech:

about three years ago, at that time with the New Oriental President Yu Minhong has a dream project, walked into the University, including Peking University, Tsinghua University, we have entered the more than 20 colleges and universities, so there was still 85 after school, may now be 90. The post-80s generation here, a small hand, and a lot of people after 90, so three years, it is terrible, three years ago, after 85 or campus students, three years later, they have grown into who,

I sent a micro-blog before, said to go to the north and 90 discussion horse entrepreneurship contest now, wishing not to know what to say, micro-blog on a bunch of people give me an idea, an idea is more about Wang Sicong’s diao. Indeed, people are different now.


 :     it is predicted that in the three years from 2006 to 2009, the growth rate of the web advertising market will reach three times the growth rate of the traditional media advertising market. In addition to the Internet, only outdoor advertising and theater advertising grew more than the market average. At the same time, the market share of newspapers and magazines will shrink.


I would like to tell you one thing, we have done dark horse race for four years, and had never entered the campus, the main feeling is that the campus and Entrepreneurship of these two words, in the past is more of a passion. But now is not the same, we noticed that Xu Xiaoping teacher wrote some time ago a micro-blog, said now is not just Chinese University, the famous American university students, what are you doing? Are they doing the most traditional food, the traditional line of business, and was very successful.

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