Talking about 07 years’ development of network advertisementWhat do the tagged entrepreneurs need to

but the world’s curing only labels. Compared to the built-in "fresh sense" attributes of the early Internet entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs are now facing a various fields have been saturated, products began to convergence, demand is serious excess meet the environment, which means to entrepreneurs change and subversion has very limited space.

Before the

, of course, whether it’s tagging or tagging, is the inevitable outcome of the social networking era. Fragmented information allows people to rely on tags for quick comprehension, and refined tags can be better spread by recipients.

Magic stores 95 CEO after Wang Kai Xin

, the tagged image of "entrepreneur", has a lot of hard talking pots on our social network.

first pot: entrepreneurs change

      according to the contact alliance, propaganda Yi advertising alliance is a relatively early brand advertising alliance, has been committed to the development of Internet advertising and sophisticated new operation mode and reputation in the past 6 years has been recognized by the people! Its good development can not be separated from the core application of the team and the supply and demand of the market! In China’s Internet advertising media, publicity has always maintained a leading technology and marketing concepts, and steadily develop China’s online advertising market pioneer. In today’s world of Internet advertising is growing every year, how to grasp the network advertising market share, this is all about the problem, we first look at the growth of online advertising data every year:
     . Japan: according to Japan’s Kyodo news report said that in 2011, the total amount of Japanese Internet advertising may in 2006 363 billion yen $1 about 119 yen doubled on the basis of growth to 755 billion 800 million yen. The average growth rate in the past 5 years was about 15.8%, of which, in 2007, it would increase by 24.9%, and then the growth rate would decline year by year, to 9.6% in 2011. Dentsu research believes that in the Internet field, fixed advertising displayed on the web and e-mail is still in the future will be the main growth, the total amount of advertising in this area is expected in 2006 from 231 billion yen to 400 billion 900 million yen in 2011 growth. Over the same period, mobile advertising for mobile phones will grow 3 times, from 39 billion yen to 128 billion 400 million yen. In the next 5 years, the number of ads displayed on the basis of different content retrieved by users will increase, the total advertising volume will grow from 93 billion yen to 226 billion 500 million yen.
 ;     2. Korea: South Korea’s online advertising market revenue reached $690 million, an increase of 30.8% over the previous year. Survey report released by the Korean broadcasting advertising company 15, said the Internet advertising company after more optimistic about the development of online advertising, online advertising spending growth is expected this year, South Korea can reach 35% to 860 million U.S. dollars, the report said, in 2003 the total income of South Korea’s online advertising market for $390 million, then gradually expand. Analysts believe that because online advertising is easy to direct to the special consumer groups, and can easily calculate the size of the audience, so the future of online advertising will play an important role in the media advertising market.
 ;     3. United States: according to foreign media reports, the United States industry organizations "Interactive Advertising Bureau" IAB, Interactive, Adve>

before bankruptcy comeback after became friends after the micro business; subway scan code girls claiming to be "entrepreneurs", in a number of passengers after the conflict was relentlessly kicking.

users to quickly open up the market liquidity fishing gold entrepreneurs, but also in the hot events emerge in an endless stream quickly labeled "put on" business "," good at packaging "these ugly hat.

was tagged, entrepreneurs experienced a wave of vigorous creation. These great God of entrepreneurship, usually have a decadent, as a magical force, through the Internet thinking of such things, will seem to be almost lost by the history of the wheel of the industry back to the center of public opinion.

this God making movement for many later entrepreneurs laid a strong chicken, but also to many onlookers with thick soup: people will be more emotional sustenance in the entrepreneurs, while looking forward to them to realize their dreams and the other side, through their faith to meet their own psychological needs.

then the entrepreneur’s task is defined as "change", either to change the world, or to subvert the tradition. Even if it is difficult to change what, at least I’m just trying to do my job, my colleagues are therefore unemployed "dull remarks died over the momentum.

however, whether it is tagging or tagging, social networking has its own, a closed, difficult to digest problem. Fast reading tends to lead to survivor like biased one-sided cognition, and the presence of tags adds additional pressure to the label bearer.

has a saying: "out of confusion, sooner or later.". After a few months’ baptism in the early 2017, many entrepreneurs who lie in guns must now have a deep understanding of this sentence.

then, we saw the "design excess" mobile phone, entrepreneurs still sell bad phones, "down to the square dance channel" tradition >

Once on the label

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