How to reduce the user experience so as to obtain more incomePersonal Adsense to make money problem

, look at this site again.


In front of

, this is the front page of the website. Websites are for making money. You answered all the questions, and they rarely clicked ads.. You have to ask them to come to your website and collect the relevant information and information through the website inside the advertisement, so as to answer his own doubts.

3, making money: this issue is what everyone cares about most


visitors come to your website and are satisfied with the information and information they want, in terms of user experience. Your site can play 100 points. But you failed, didn’t grab the potential customer, and didn’t translate into productivity.

1, location: now a lot of new friends are still in a wait state, don’t know what to do, do not know what good to do, what to make money, I think this is a common state today! name as "a woman of thousands of snow", she asked me to add my , she want to do a healthy life, do not know how to position, grasp the good

limit! deal! !

for the promotion, planning advice: brother determine one or several promotion methods, to achieve the ultimate, traffic is not impossible! It should extend to both inside and outside, we should first put their content to enrich, to promote, with good content to attract and retain users! I’m good at doing database marketing, in fact database marketing is the other way to promote the flow of take over, and then put these flow into your customer database, so as to form a precise user groups in a field, as long as you have enough large user groups, you don’t have to worry about traffic, just released a message in this user group, will produce heavy traffic

, let’s talk about garbage sites first. Garbage sites rely on GG to make money. Anyway, there’s a lot of traffic, and then earn clicks through GG or other alliances. When you make your content great, the interface is great, the information you need to find yourself, and the probability of clicking on the ad is very small. Take a look at this website I’m doing, about diet pills.

below, I’ll list these questions:

these two websites, everybody guesses GG hits rate, how high, welcome post, after a period of time, stationmaster will answer. Here are second more. How can e-commerce sites reduce user experience and increase sales?. It’s really hard to sell things online now. Homogenization is too serious, plagiarism is too serious. The user’s choice is too large or too large. How to improve sales do?.

I give her advice is: health sites like a lot, if you want to force a person to build a high flow high degree of concern in the field of health Web site, then you must be broken down, which is in front of me emphasize individual entrepreneurship must be "small is beautiful", in the sexual health inside the area is subdivided, such as do women’s health or men’s health, if subdivided, you can do about male health "premature ejaculation" certain people to do, so you can find a more accurate population, more accurate knowledge of the information they want, and inside the network, any a small area is a huge market, this segment after you can soon do flow, the precise crowd locked up

a lot of people read the title of this article and thought it was the title party. And then scold me, curse. Gossip less, look at my experience below. Reduce user experience, increase revenue, described in two kinds of websites. One is the e-commerce website, and the other is the garbage website.

2, promotion: some friends positioning is very clear, know what to do, but do not know how to promote! I need to say, network promotion is a process of quantitative change to qualitative change, I believe that all things are like this, if you want one, you simply do not do network marketing! Don’t imagine the complexity of network marketing, is actually advertising, let your information display out, show in front of the precise crowd, it is possible to produce


it’s clear to everyone that user enquiries are important, for example, when you call, ask, or consult with , the distance between you is much closer. Thus the probability of reaching sales is much higher. If the person who answers the phone has a high level of expertise and knowledge, then there is a greater chance of getting a sale. Therefore, we need to focus on how to attract traffic and encourage them to call for advice. For example, your company is a tourist visa, and your website also has information about it. You put the relevant information write, understand. Then the guest looked at your information and understood the relevant process. I forgot your website after a while and went to other travel agencies to sign up for a tourist visa.

wrote an article "grass root webmaster how to counter attack" caused a lot of friends of the debate, arguing that everyone is good in dealing with this issue seriously stationmaster counter attack, hope oneself can create value in their own fields, do better! More friends is directly add my or WeChat. Ask some questions to me, I feel a lot of things in their problems in this article, I will share it, I believe that their problems are likely to be your


, take a look at my website below. CITS online, guolvol traffic is not bad, the amount of poor telephone consultation. 400 IP a day, guess how many phone calls / days. Welcome to the post, after a period of time, the webmaster will be answered. Welcome everybody too!

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