How does the novice Sohu do 50 thousand readings per month from the media

from the media industry has appeared in public for a long time, there are a lot of people have it during the test, some people succeed, some people quit, some people continue to bulkhead fortune, when we can really do this line when found is not so simple, because like I always do Google for the optimization and not much understanding from the media, since this year, Baidu to enter the media industry to found that since the media is not so good to do, today’s headlines for down, hundreds of Baidu has been in the audit and so on. But as far as the Sohu is concerned, since the August the 11th application has been going on for almost a month, I still feel some gains.

no contact from the media this for me before, since August 11 Sohu from the media file down now almost a month, I now read the article in 5 before, the number of 50, the average amount of reading each article 1100, although the PC end of each article will send a Sohu about 70 of the amount of reading, but overall there are still 50 thousand. By the way, the amount of reading of the Sohu is the sum of the PC and mobile ends, not just the PC side. Here I will separate the media from the mobile terminal and PC side to share with you some details and practices that should be noted.

1. How to get the mobile terminal recommendation and get the reading amount

in Sohu news from Sohu media, if your article can be recommended, you’ll get a lot of reading and reviews. As you can see from the two chart below, one of my two articles has been commented on 28 thousand, one of which has been commented on 12 thousand. To get recommendations and read reviews on the mobile side, we need to pay attention to three points.

1. we write the title of the article is not too long nor too short, to cover the effect to attract people, according to the Sohu official statement given 12-16 words in the title is the most readily available, but sometimes need to according to the actual situation, the article must let the reader know the title and content, we illustrated the content of the best.


2. to fill the vacancy of timeliness cater to the readers’ mind, such as my "Ministry of public security special against regulation involving stock market network rumors" this article, the release time is in turmoil in the stock market rumors since four time, coincides with the time the Ministry of public security and combating such rumors news, we will all such news. Write out, at this time because of the turmoil in the stock market and investors see such articles as the normal response will be applauded. More replies, more reading, the higher the probability of headlines.

3. controversial to cater to popular articles. Because in the mobile terminal are Sohu accurate users, is here to see the article. And do not need to use the search engine to show our articles, so we need to pay attention to content to attract people, a good sense of the article has argued, is very easy to get comments, and some sensitive topics.

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