American entrepreneurs Beijing will become the only real rival Silicon Valley

Seria J · (Cyriac) in 2014 will be their start-up company Shopkick sold to SK Planet, and a year later to give up the post of CEO Roeding. Subsequently, he led his wife and two children flew to Beijing, Shenzhen and Hongkong, traveled for 3 weeks, hoping to better understand China’s entrepreneurial circles, as well as entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.


below for his observation of the Chinese entrepreneurs circle:

I haven’t been to China for many years. But 12 years ago, I almost moved here. So I’m curious what I’ll find in china. I visited more than and 20 start-up companies. Including both the late start, the valuation of $20 billion of the company, including seed wheel company. I visited more than a dozen venture capitalists, more than 20 entrepreneurs, as well as successful angel investors.

first of all, I saw the late start-up companies and investors, such as the United States and the group’s Wang Xing (micro-blog) conducted a breakfast. U.S. group valued at about $20 billion. Subsequently, I contacted the B wheel and A wheel company, visited the VIPKid and 700bike, as well as Jingwei venture capital and blue Chi venture capital.

then, I went to the seed wheel company, met an aerodynamic doctor, he is developing a higher energy density of electric vehicle engine. He showed me the technology in an underground parking lot in Beijing. I also visited the hardware incubator HAX in Shenzhen, and visited the venture capital fund it real.

on this basis, I think it is necessary to go further, to understand the source of all this. So I went to the garage cafe to see if I was still in the concept stage, even in the first stage of the concept. In addition, I also participated in the Tsinghua University X-lab and SEM venture. At that time, Peter · (Peter Thiel); Theil is about from 0 to 1, ". With the end of my trip to China, I began to think about how Silicon Valley can learn from china. Here’s what I found.

1, the next 10 years, Beijing will become the only real competitor Silicon Valley

Beijing is not only in the next few years has formed an entrepreneurial hub, a major league. With a population of 1 billion 300 million people in the domestic market, which is more than twice the size of the United States and Europe, the Chinese start-up companies can quickly reach a large scale.

in these 1 billion 300 million people, more and more people are now able to touch up the user. In the United States, 190 million people use smart phones. In China, the figure is now over 530 million. In the next 3 years, this figure will rise to more than 700 million.

, however, the mere size of the market does not mean that Beijing will become the center of entrepreneurship. In addition to market size, other key factors include consumer

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