The purchasing process of foreign space Hostgator

this time, I always wanted to buy a foreign space, so that I can set my heart more Olympic Valley Station and other station entry.

A few days after

Review for each others foreign space, I decided to buy a Hostgator space, because of his speed, FTP quickly, although the price is slightly higher, but with 9.95$/Month, after saving 20% coupons was also less than $8 a month. Compared with its fast space and FTP speed, I feel satisfied.

but, but, but many blogs are saying that Hostgator is not good for Chinese attitude, the reason is that before the event that they cents to trust China greatly reduced, and now do not provide services Chinese customers, domestic customers can not buy basic etc.. And not only can not pay through Paypal, and now even credit card payment can not. To find out about this, I went to their website and contacted the customer service.

(if my English contains syntax errors, please ignore it automatically… ) Guodong is me.

, Bobbie, N.: Welcome, to, HostGator, how, may, I, assist, you,


, guodong:, Hi, I’m, from, china.

, guodong:, I, really, want, to, buy, a,, BABY, hosting, Plan.

, guodong:, But, I, heard, that, you, dont, provide,, service, to, chinese.

, guodong:, So, is, it, real,


Bobbie N.: Please, wait, while, I, check.

guodong: OK

Bobbie N.: Yes, we, host, to, China.

Bobbie N.: China, blocks, US, a, lot,, of, the, time.

, guodong:, Oh., I’m, glad, to, hear, that.

, guodong:, I, want, to, buy, the, BABY, Hosting, Plan,, with, my, Paypal, account

Bobbie N.: Ok


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