Since the media is not from the media it should be Zhi media

recently, many people are talking about the term "self media", which is divided into different opinions, each with its own ideas and its own theories. Baidu Encyclopedia of the media since the explanation is also 00 spread, many industry insiders also told the media to write their own views. Some people say that from the media, everyone has a microphone, everyone is a reporter, everyone is a news transmitter. Some people say that since the media is a kind of distinctive mood, true to life forms, fans of the group, it is a narrow; some people say that the media should be with strong personal characteristics and style of small groups or individuals to build media; some people say that since the media is a false proposition, just another additional term. In short, the public said that the public and reasonable, the woman said the woman justified.

I have always felt that since the media is actually a verb plus nouns, plus adjectives in a form of expression. So I want to say, from the media, not from the media, should be the media


from the media — on the outside of their own media, said he wanted to say, not influenced by others, but by the comments of others; not influenced by media, but affected by the media; free free free, fair, free, a unique insight to see blood, can resonate free media.

from the media – what kind of media do you become?

from the media, also known as self marketing media.

speaks of self marketing, and no one can match Jiang Ziya. Jiang Ziya was a butcher, but finally became the prime minister. prime minister.

how did he sell himself? What did his media do,


Jiang Ziya was a butcher, removed from the vegetable market for as long as half. He later abandoned pig both tired and dirty diverted to a fortune teller, he is telling prospective, because he is mixed in the vegetable market. Because at that time there was no news dissemination, so the market was the birthplace of news dissemination. Moreover, Jiang Ziya is very good at collecting resources and listening to the sounds of every household. So he spent half of his life accumulating the information, and finally, after his meticulous processing, his fortune telling was so accurate.

that’s how Jiang Ziya started his "self media" communication. He knows that personal branding is important, especially for self media. Jiang Ziya wanted to do division, and imperial division. Jiang Ziya great ambition, who use skills, know Zhou Wenwang have rebellious heart, but also understand the situation, know that Zhou Wenwang will help him make achievement.

so Jiang Ziya brewing became known as jiangtaigong fishing, who are willing to buy the story. In fact, Jiang Ziya has already planned in the morning, and Jiang Ziya will be very speculation, from the fortune teller began to pave the way for themselves, so Jiang Ziya succeeded.

Jiang Ziya’s story tells us, since the media is the same, since the media also need personal brand, but also need appropriate hype. < >

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