Pjblog and Z blog use shallow Reviews

uses asp personal Blog and probably knows about PJBlog and z-blog. Let me talk about the latest version of PJBlog3v3.0.6.170 and Z-Blog 1.8 Arwen Build 81206 after the use of a bit of experience, for reference only.

uses PJ. Users can edit and delete posts at the front desk and send new posts at the front desk. ZB is done in the background. You can also implement the Edit button at the front desk through the plug-in, but still skip to the background editor. ZB can achieve free conversion of UBB and visual editing, while PJ can only choose when to send an article. Do you want to use UBB or FCK?.

interface design preset front skin, PJ is better. The beauty and ease of use in the background is also better for PJ. The ZB is slightly inadequate. And the content of the preset is a little too close.

skin both sides of the official website has a lot of beautiful skin. The overall design of the high level of skin, I still choose PJ. PJ skin production and modification is relatively simple, that is, CSS and pictures, you can edit online static templates and CSS. ZB’s skin is a dedicated package. It’s a little more complicated, including a static HTML. If someone adds ad code to the template, it’s bad for the user. But its background can automatically update the theme, function is good.

Plug ins on both sides of the

plug-in can be installed and uninstalled online. However, many plugins for PJ are not available after the static log is opened. Moreover, ZB has an obvious advantage in terms of functionality, utility, level, and number of plug-ins. WilliamLong, bus flying and other big name plug-ins are great.

The modules of the

module PJ are relatively simple. Free to add content and side modules, and edit modules. System modules are also more. Calendars, navigation, archives, links, and so forth. However, the system module is displayed on each page. The modules you add cannot be displayed on the static page unless you change the static template. ZB does not have this function in the background, but can only be implemented by editing the static template. Of course, DIY is higher.

SEO is the point. I can only say what I think about this. PJ’s reputation for SEO has always been good. PJ3 finally realized the static log, the background has dynamic, semi static and static three modes, free switching. The latest version of 170 implements the log alias and log, automatically or manually fill in keywords and description, I believe it will cause a good response. While the new version of ZB ignores keywords and description, the output of HTML is completely without their shadow. Probably through the plug-in can be achieved. However, the place where ZB is powerful is custom static log directory configuration. Http://s.dangbao.> can be generated

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