Look at the station is how to brush head please don’t take your rogue station to joke

webmaster should know *UU * SEE * promotion page is what it is! * instead of a lot of things, do not pull on their own! Similar to this page. But this demo page is a cultural person, a rogue, and a

, compared to their pages

we can not belittle that garbage page, to bring their own benefits is to play a great limit, to the user’s injury, it is impossible to express in words. The first full screen junk connection to induce users, some newcomers do not know the circumstances in the page can put your browser with full face fly, this is not fatal! It is fatal to point you to find no matter what still can not see! He will eventually download rogue programs running after the consequences! – boot automatically modify the browser and the desktop icon, 2-3, is the most lethal bandwidth at any time advertising. The novice computers were greatly reduced by their performance.

so they can set up 1 3-4 pieces of high prices, so there are many webmasters for these interests, but also unscrupulous to harm Internet users. The means of inducement, that is, one is better than one. It’s not listed here. I know that you are earning! But you do not rejoice! Users sooner or later have awakened one day! That’s when you stand that would be the end of the webmaster! Please don’t take your stand to do the wedding dress for others. Steadfast do stand, wholeheartedly for Internet users to serve, the interests of Internet users in the first station will eventually succeed.

thanks to the outdated platform, let everyone express their views and opinions, hope to communicate with webmaster friends. QQ57662213 by http://s.www.360dyy.com/vip/ webmaster feeds.

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