4 weapon of sales website

if you have a sales website, you need to have 4 sales tools. Whether you’re an individual or a company website, as long as you build these 4 weapons, you can be a sales champion.

1. Sales letter

what products or services do you sell on your website? Do you place a sales letter on top of it? Have you placed a highly successful sales letter on it?. Please remember that your picture, website style is to assist your sales letter. Only words can impress people so they can open their wallets and pay for your products or services. Sometimes, the beautiful web pages and flash can not lock customers, just let the potential customers lost.

2. Electronic magazine

your product is sold to the customer, then what? You don’t have an electronic magazine. You lose a lot of potential customers and follow up sales opportunities. Now, just open an electronic magazine next to your sales letter. He is a link between you and potential customers, and an easy to return customer list can help you keep selling, not just selling existing products to a small number of paying customers.

3. Online payment

your website to provide the online payment function? You need to provide immediate payment function for customers who are impulsive, you do not order a product next to the post office remittance, bank account transfer. Your client won’t either. At that time he forgot his website and the products he wanted to buy. Pay now, and you can greatly increase the transaction rate and the professional confidence of your website.

4. Web Alliance

what does your website promote? SEO optimization, that’s OK, but it also brings a lot of traffic that is not potential customers. Your web site alliance will help you sell your products more effectively. Just think, every day your website will have a whole team, 24 hours to help you sell, your performance is not good, this is the strength of the web site alliance.

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