After he missed the 18 million financing for 900 to save the company

October 30, 2014, the Internet recruitment website push network CEO Lee Cheng rare sleep a good sleep. According to 51job (defendants) commitments, 18 million yuan a week should be credited.

woke up in the morning, but Li Cheng received a partner WeChat,

,"I have

days, and investors say, I quit. To kill to cut yourself."

72 hours later, on Monday November 3rd, Li Cheng and Huang Xiaoliang two people stood in the empty office, stare at each other. They have dismissed all employees, the company accounts only 900 yuan in cash, laptops were also taken as compensation for employees.

Huang Xiaoliang calm let Li Cheng feel very surprised. In the eyes of Li Cheng, Huang Xiaoliang has been an emotional than rational people, "Tong so big basket, he must have a little guilty".

At that time,

network is responsible for market Yang Jie this was completely unprepared, she continued in November 1st, just three months rent, the push of the story is not worth, I then did not see great ambition, no legendary team, in my life, push the first half of the year not forget".

1 is not worth telling stories

2013 cold spring, 2008 at the Microsoft Research Institute grand innovation hospital has been the elimination of a wide range of projects and jobs. More than and 60 incubator project, then a There remained but a single one. WiFi manneungyulsoi.

81 year old Li Cheng is a researcher, born in the year of 85 is a senior product manager,


"we have nothing to do, and sometimes about out together to smoke, talk about what to do later, we talked about the entrepreneurial excitement up",

Huang Xiaoliang recalls,

"at that time is not what the ‘O2O’ and ‘last mile’ concept, but the process has been thought to do a background for the communities surrounding shops, similar to today’s praise and pocket shopping.

when he found around a lot of leaving colleagues are looking for work, but the traditional recruitment website is not suitable for those programmers, more people are introduced by an acquaintance, so he came up with that Internet Co is responsible for the business sector directly recruit programmers.

idea is Huang Xiaoliang, but Li Cheng left the idea could not be realized, "I see he is absolutely the fastest hand written PHP engineers, many years has accumulated a lot of components, a product of the Demo you want him to do, keep out within a week".

Li Cheng first All In

due to turnover, both CEO and CTO two characters. And Huang Xiaoliang failed to agree to leave within a month, the company’s ownership structure was eventually designated as "Li Chengliu, Huang Xiao"

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