Financing 30 million once big brothers catwalk network can return the king

catwalk network, it is estimated that many people are unfamiliar with this name. This has been silent for several years high-end electricity supplier, but it is the past industry heavyweights. 2011, the establishment of only 3 years of catwalk network, won the largest electricity supplier in the history of China’s B round of financing $100 million, the valuation reached $500 million, the limelight is not weaker than every guest. Not only that, the network also invited a number of Amazon executives, in New York, Paris, London and other global more than 20 major fashion city with a buyer’s office.

, however, in 2012, has been touted as the capital of luxury electricity supplier scenario, a sudden decline, nobody cares, ushered in transition and closures tide. Catwalk network business has also been greatly affected, and its C round of financing is facing an embarrassing situation without access to disk. After that, the catwalk crashed into silence.


2014, cross-border electricity supplier to the cusp, the government has become an object of support. As the originator of the domestic cross-border electricity supplier, recently, catwalk network announced the acquisition of $30 million C round of financing, re entered the public view.

then the problem, these three years, what do the network serves? Serves network will face the front of the thorns? What is the future of network serves the planning? Xiu CEO Ji Wenhong told reporters this entrepreneurial state, for three years, he put the time and energy are placed in a place that is the international supply chain building.

to build international supply chain

China’s electricity supplier overseas sourcing mainly from three aspects, purchasing, self purchasing and domestic distributors. Purchasing supply chain is too fragmented, high prices, in the long run, this model is not suitable for catwalk. Self procurement costs, sunk costs, capital costs are high, dealing with inventory problems, not suitable for electricity suppliers. The third model is to use domestic distributors, but the agency fee is not cheap, the problem of genuine goods is difficult to solve.

Ji Wenhong realized that, in fact, many overseas stores are willing to sell goods to China, but suffer from unmanned operations. Therefore, the past year and a half, catwalk network for these stores to provide photographs, single product management, inventory management and technical support and other domestic electronic business platform, not for international partners to do the work.

"almost two years of time to come, we think this is the best model, we can get the best price, because we can get their job done, but we did" O2O "thing," Ji Wenhong said.

this model solves the two major problems of catwalk, one is the continuous supply of goods, catwalk in the first quarter every day more than 2000 single product on-line, the stability of the product has been improved. Catwalk network can be synchronized with the European and American businesses inventory, synchronization, discounts, synchronization on the new, two months ahead of the domestic counter. The second is a competitive price to the European network serves the retail price of 5-7 fold in the local procurement, but also get 22% export tax rebates, plus international freight and customs, serves network online at the same price as the European retail price is lower than that of Hongkong. >

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