What should we do after the talent website has been K

sees a lot of articles about local talent net operation recently in A5, now the local talent net is hot, from the beginning of the Chinese Elite event, then continuing talent network Baidu event, as the local talent network operators, we really go is not easy! We have a consensus, now want to do a station, must pay 10 times more than the original work, may not necessarily have good results! Here is my personal operation of Enshi talent network encountered by K and I experienced 6 years operating


Enshi was founded in 2008, was a station of most concern is the sales and promotion, every day thinking about how to let more enterprises to register, so that more job seekers to use at the same time, I hope there will be registered after the day will be able to login and refresh. And now, now the local talent network will be faced with a problem, that is the site of Baidu rankings! If you do in a few years, everyone will experience a change brought change Baidu’s direct website, the website has been operating in the first position of Baidu, even if is black close the station, did not seem to affect what regret things happened in June 2012, when the record was canceled, causing the site to close for 2 months, at the same time enabled forest is the domain name, do not jump from the 301, buried the curse! After filing down, ranking has not come up, unexpectedly impatient everywhere selling links now, that is junk chain, so deep, so The imprint is engraved on my heart.! And then say goodbye to the Baidu home page


share my resume and experience following K:

first check the website structure, keywords, vulnerabilities, and included snapshot to use software, check carefully through the sharing of data changes, find the reason, do not buy the chain, but also avoid the temporary increase of too many links

second guarantees server stability that and speed, but also to give users a good user experience

third continues to register business members and individual members every day. Try not to repeat it and release more information at the same time

fourth site to do more seasonal topics and activities, while the content of the page to do more rich, submitted to Baidu included

fifth use Baidu webmaster tools, want to Baidu official complaints, timely adjustment grab pressure, let spider slowly adapt to your website structure

sixth do not hang on a tree, to use the offline channel propaganda, and use more single page, posters, text messages, mail, forums and other ways to promote

seventh, try to get the local government website, do a mutual connection, this is very useful, Baidu likes the government website

eighth adhere to innovation, adhere to content and links, to have long war preparations, do not go up, do not stop, do not immediately change domain name

of course, there are many ways to do webmaster people are very much!

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