Unwarranted search engine optimization superstition

The problem of

must be talked about by the death of Yue Fei.

national hero, a famous military strategist Yue Fei, was Emperor Qin Hui with "unwarranted" charges of killing, regardless of a death, but in the end is "unwarranted".

"unwarranted", is such a meaning: there may be, perhaps, I think you have, you also need to have, and so on, is an expression of "do not need evidence of irrational yilaomailao potential".

, and the current search engine optimization (SEO), there is such a situation exists.

search engine optimization (SEO), by means of studying and using the relevant rules of the search engine, by optimizing the operation of the site and to continuously meet the rules of search engine, and ultimately improve the related website in search engine rankings, included index type. This is my explanation.

according to the search engine included and ranking rules, whether it is to explain why, but in the end of the operation is directly affected by the search engine, search engine change, means that the rule is the rule change, mean SEO content is also changing.

says that SEO’s work is "research and utilization", so the following changes are made:

search engine rule change research change SEO job content change.

More than

, only illustrates a problem: SEO is just a "interest group" concept, no expert, but can not be claimed as "very unreal ethereal thing".

from the beginning of the rise of search engine of the moment, there is a SEO, they are the search engine Fans, search engine to every act and every move over them.

They not only want to get the

search engine in the pro gaze, hope to see whether the search engine from there, get some more information disclosed, in which SEO had enough capital to other SEO SEO talk show, a party or to talk with China enterprise users.

anyway, as long as you are a member of the interest research group, as long as you have been in this group for one or two years, then congratulations, you become a SEO "brick maker". At the same time, also must congratulate you, you have become a member of "unwarranted" sects.

the next day, hello.

you don’t have to explain to your users any "SEO aspects", because you’re a brick, do you think "yes", "need to explain?" "I think so."".

SEO+ = "unwarranted" theory has fooled the Internet fraud.

if you’re interested in joining the industry, then I can suggest you do this:

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