The report shows that China’s educational websites have grown substantially

data show that in the first half of 2009, China’s network education site of a variety of key indicators have shown significant growth trend, called the largest increase in the type of site.

either directly or the single scale visitors visitors access interest, within half a year has significantly improved, including education, education forum, site visitors a day within the overall scale has reached more than 32 million, this figure has more than 1/10 of the total number of Internet users China. Educational sites have increasingly become an important force in China’s Internet sector can not be ignored. As we all know, from 2008, the world is facing the economic crisis. The contrarian growth of education sites gives us an obvious inspiration, the Internet continues to rely on the specific application of visible.

education, Internet related applications, the rapid development of

in the number of sites, industry scale and other indicators of growth at the same time, the object of education is divided into different types of educational sites, resulting in a more obvious purpose differentiation.

The application of

pattern in online classes, study abroad, language education mainly influenced by the impact of the new comprehensive education, a large number of new education and educational institutions with the suddenness of a thunderbolt to join the market competition. From the establishment, enrollment, site layout, and even online publicity, can be completed in a short period of time. Thanks to the rapid development of Internet technology, the construction time and promotion cycle of mainstream education sites have been greatly shortened. By tracking more than 50 10000 education site data found, from the site set up to open the end of the day to become independent visitors more than 1000 people in the industry mainstream site, education class site only need about 43 days can be achieved. That speed has risen by about 76% compared to the same period last year, and is now higher than any other type of site. CNZZ analysis, the emergence of this phenomenon and the vast majority of the site of this industry, relying on the physical education institutions, indeed students, parents can visit as the main opportunity.

related applications have obvious industry characteristics,

school, examination, review, test, training, research. It is believed that most people in the workplace experience these stages. A variety of network education has a distinctly different education audience and educational goals, although usually called network education, however, because the system of compulsory education China for 9 years, the application of Internet oriented education is obviously less for primary school, junior high school. Relatively speaking, the focus of network education for children, youth art education for the junior middle school language comprehensive style before, to study the relevant education for high school age, university students and career oriented personnel professional skills training or learning interest.

data show that 12-30 year old visitors only accounted for about 85% of the education site applications traffic, there are a lot of parents often visit educational sites. The lower the age, the higher the percentage of males in the visitors. In the current domestic educational environment, relatively, on the one hand, boys are more likely to accept the Internet

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