Xiao Jun good user experience improve website access speed is the key

We all know that

SEO is designed to improve the website in search engine exposure, improve site traffic and ultimately achieve marketing, while Xiao Jun thought today to write this topic because the user experience has been a friend Xiao Jun said reaction blog open very slowly, even sometimes simply has to go into, I before the analysis of the causes, but also a friend pointed out to me, a comprehensive analysis of the website open is too slow due to the excessive use of the plug-in. Although the blog program itself is not large, but less than 10M, but the plug-in will impress web loading speed, web site is very slow to open, you can imagine that the user experience will not be good.

plug-in function is good, but with too much is not good. Mine is ZBLOG blog program, the background has plug-ins to download directly, or local upload and install plug-ins, in order to improve the function of the blog, but forget that this will affect the site to open speed. SEO often improve to make the user experience (Optimization Guide: SEO user experience is the user habits, SEO in the 15 most common poor user experience, the user experience from the 5 aspects), that the user experience is mainly from what start, speed is the key for Xiao Junren to visit the web site users experience, if a website open very slowly, so there is again good content users can not see, so this article will have today: to make the user experience of the site, improve the site access speed is the key.

combined with the usual observation and analysis of the influence of site access speed of some factors, and we explore how to improve the site access speed, if there are more important factors not mentioned, also please share.


1, page size. Speaking of this, you may have some comparison, such as Sina home page is big enough, near 500K, but his access speed is still very fast, this is the hardware problem. But in certain circumstances, the page size still has a great influence on the speed of the site, for browsing the web itself is the web content hosting is downloaded to the local hard disk, and then explain the browser view. The speed of downloading web pages takes up a great deal of speed, so the smaller the space the page itself is, the faster the browsing speed will be. This requires doing "they follow all the simple principle, such as: do not use too much Flash animation, pictures and other resources.

2, use the static HTML page as much as possible. This is also often improved in SEO, although dynamic URL has little impact on SEO, but if you can use a static page, it’s better to use a static one. Because the use of static pages, each time the user submits the visit, it is not dynamically generated by the server side of the page, greatly saving the server resource consumption.

3, code optimization. Web design was used before, table, and table loaded >

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