Secret reasons for the popularity of U S servers

IDC in the domestic market, overseas servers are very popular in America, Hongkong and South Korea server server server, it can be said that the three regions in China accounted for most of the overseas market from the record server host. Among them, the United States server in the domestic favor of webmasters, and that relative to Hongkong and South Korea server, the United States server why will be more popular?


1. has high resource allocation. We know that the United States is the origin of the development of the Internet, the Internet is now the world’s most advanced in the world, all over the international backbone network, and have a lot of Internet resources, such as IP resources, bandwidth resources etc.. In terms of server configuration, the U.S. server configuration is much higher than in the domestic and other regions.

2. server environment is good. The computer rooms in the United States have strict standards, and most of the computer rooms will adopt the latest hardware and software technology, make rational use of server resources and optimize the circuit layout scientifically. Moreover, the computer room has strict control over natural factors such as temperature, humidity and dust. American computer room is equipped with professional technical operation and maintenance team, 24*7 hours of technical duty, monitoring and troubleshooting the computer room accident. Therefore, the server in the computer room environment is good, stability and security is also very high.

3. has less content restrictions. Compared to other regions of the server, the U.S. server restrictions on the content of the site is limited, in addition to the prohibition of infringing content, the other is relatively loose. This is also one of the reasons why many individual owners choose to rent American servers.

4. perfect after-sales service. As American server technology is more mature, many American service providers in order to attract more users, often in the after-sales service efforts. Therefore, many American server providers have more perfect after-sales service. And for Chinese customers, some hosts offer Chinese services. For example, HostEase hosts the United States, on the launch of the Chinese website (, and provide 24 hours Chinese technical support services, the user can through phone, email, online support and a variety of Ticket contact technology.

5. high performance price ratio. Another reason why domestic webmasters prefer to rent American servers is that their cost performance is very high, and the U.S. server is rich in resources, but prices are much lower than those in other regions. So, for users who want to rent high configuration servers at lower prices, the U.S. server is a good choice.

through the above analysis, I also know why the free filing of overseas servers in the United States server more welcome by domestic users. Of course, Hongkong servers and Korean servers also have their competitive edge. Users should rent the right server according to their own site requirements.

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