The bonus period has passed How should the WeChat public number run in 2015

this year, how many people, how many companies registered in the WeChat public? Said there are tens of millions of public numbers, many of them have been operating for several years. Large, they almost drew all eyes, but now too much information already on the information overload caused by user interference, more and more people every day just open a separate public number, so we don’t even open, how these new registered public number? We have no content, no flow, no fans, no attraction, how to break the




from the early June began operating a new public number. Although this matter through the establishment of our alliance, currently doing very well, it is true, has a lot of users, received a lot of praise, of course, Tucao no less, ha ha, we are also in the praise and Tucao constantly iterative improvement, bring better products to you.

but our own WeChat official public number has been bland, fans enough, influence is not enough, the user is not active enough and so are the unique characteristics of WeChat public number one born in 2015, in order to better serve the people, but also to make our official WeChat a little domineering official taste, so the company boss for us today. Find a WeChat God as we explain some of WeChat’s operating experience, I made some simple notes, to share with you the following:

the fact is that the dividend period for the WeChat public has been over

in 2015This

thing we should all understand almost from their own habits, WeChat also can see WeChat public number currently too much, all kinds of content and style are, everyone is concerned about a lot of things, there is no time to see, thousands of public number in competition with yours but most of them were in operation for a long time, have a certain user base and operating experience, so we should face this reality.

how did the 2015 new public number get fans


first is the initial seed user’s access to

The initial user

seed users is a WeChat public number, behind the growth and outbreak largely depend on them, so we must attach importance to obtain seed users, they are basically determined by the style of a number of the next public, so when the invitation or by other methods to obtain, attention must be paid to see them is not your WeChat public number to the needs of the user, if not, even if he don’t this a powder.

so how do you get the initial seed users? The most commonly used and effective one is to invite your WeChat friends. According to your public number of style, selective invitation to your WeChat friends, basically can do 100 people an hour, so that’s enough.

what if your friends don’t have enough numbers? You can look for a friend who matches your WeChat public number, ask for his help, and ask him to help you invite him for you

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