Student stationmaster experience of doing local portal station share

after more than a month, Taizhou information network, I am one year old, this past year is really to sour, sweet, bitter, hot variety of tastes, remember last summer internship in a studio, met a friend, in his recommendation, I made this website.

then I will talk about my experience of the Taizhou information network portal station (of course now may not even old portals, barely a), good experience to share learning experience is not good, when to give you a negative example, I hope you learn a lesson. (because at the very beginning, I know little about this industry. I didn’t know the webmaster or webmaster until recently. Recently, I came to study almost every day. I was not a compliment. I really benefited from these stations.)

one, from the beginning, because practice, the day is not free, and friends together in the evening Internet cafes, 3 consecutive nights all night, is to add a little bit of content to each column. Also called this friend’s friend has helped me to print many business cards, has not sent any use until now, actually became the burden. Experience 1: hard work is a good thing, but take care of yourself. Experience 2: do not blindly spend money)

, not much more than two days, the end of the internship, but the family did not, so occasionally go to a friend’s house or Internet cafes on the net, took a time to run the business, some businesses do not feel good because the intelligent website, website also run, not fame, so reduce the requirements, first free of charge to do, when is the case, by the way of exercise, save some experience (for the first time to run the business, but a morning) to do a few, then think about or forget, it is too difficult to go home, ha ha. (3 of work: the ability to quit. Experience 4: everything is difficult at the beginning, running business is not easy.


three, so sloshing summer vacation is coming to an end, I can’t wait to rush to the school, I thought this is better, back to school can be good Internet, good site. First a little bit like hunger and thirst to taste. During this period of time, I insist on updating the content every day, and occasionally recommend the intelligent station to my classmates and friends, invite them to be my agent, and do not expect to make money, mainly want to increase traffic. During this period also asked a friend to work part-time, but did not do how long, three days fishing, two days drying nets. During this period, I also asked my girlfriend to send some classified information for me. (5) make good use of the resources you can make use of. Experience 6: do things in perseverance, do business is even more so!)

four, as the saying goes, "content is king, the chain for emperor", then talk about Links. A bad beginning links, but they have to do, some Links QQ group, group general effect, some local stations, such as travel news station, station, may wish to call the past, this is yes, I just do not do such several links. Of course, you can also go to some Webmaster Station and Baidu post bar link plate forum to find or publish. I also added some local portal QQ group, this is not bad, in addition to exchange links, you can also share and submit

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