My view on the development prospect of website Market

at present, website market appears to be faced with a few years ago Chinese appliance market price situation, on the one hand is the development of Web site on the other hand manufacturers be too numerous to enumerate, the price from a few thousand to hundreds of dollars. I believe that will be the same as the home appliance market, the site market is about to appear once again the survival of the fittest shuffle. Here, write out some of my personal views.

grim reality,


website has at present, disaster caused by flooding water in the market, small to a few hundred dollars or even a few hundred yuan website template can buy website system source code. Companies that develop websites are everywhere, and basically, any Internet company, especially system integrators, can claim to have developed its own web site. Many powerful companies have to face a lot of competition partners at a competitive price lower than their price.

way out,

in the face of many competitors and the lower prices of websites, it is believed that all website developers feel the pressure. At present, Internet companies generally adopt two ways to deal with it. One is to emphasize the rapid development, and shorten the development time and save costs; two is to take modular product implementation, that is, first developed a variety of molding website module, according to customer needs packaged sales.

in addition to the firm’s belief in the future of the system we are creating, we should also have a clear understanding of the sites that are hundreds of dollars or less. Above all, a few questions need to be answered.

1, why are they so cheap,


personally, one of the reasons I see is that the sale of these sites is basically small companies, or individuals. What is the concept of a small company? Basically, there are fewer than ten people in the company, including the development, reception, art, and the person in charge. Their operating costs are very low. The pressures of survival also make it necessary for them to get any small project.

two of the reasons: the cost of developing such sites is also very low. This is not just about the development of Web site personnel less factors, the most important thing is from the site itself analysis, you can get this conclusion. These sites are very similar in module composition and page style. Floating in the form of corporate Web site, can not provide support for the real enterprise network marketing, lack of features, lack of in-depth thinking, careful design is also a common feature of such websites.

Three of the reasons for

are: the providers of these websites do not consider or neglect the problem of website after-sale service when quoting. In fact, as for an enterprise website, it is better to provide a service than to provide a website for an enterprise.

2, can this site be used,


should admit that such sites with many functional modules are viable on many occasions. Especially for some small enterprises and institutions that have just started informatization construction, the small and complete features of this website just fit in

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