Talking about the operation rules of micro blog and WeChat

these years, we are from the media, new media surrounded by mobile phone with computer function more and more consistent, have changed the nature of our lives, we will say that the Internet is a tool used to read the news, play games. Now the Internet has become a social thing for the air. Think of the famous experiment, a high school teacher in a glass into a full glass stone, ask the students can also be installed? Students that can not be installed, then the teacher found some small stones in the void in the cup, then ask the students can also have installed? All shook his head, then the teacher got sand in the cup. The story may have been heard by the students, I want to say is that this cup can also be loaded, continue to install water, water is full, you can install it?. Well, this glass we can imagine as society, the air is the Internet, it has been everywhere in your life.

later, I began to lecture to many entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, and share my understanding of the Internet, information dissemination, e-commerce, and the process of sharing knowledge, as well as the process of self reorganization. Remember a long time for some friends said: micro-blog is the traditional industry in the Xinhua Bookstore, is reading attribute (more reading news attribute information) mobile Internet platform, mobile WeChat as a traditional industry, is the communication properties of the mobile Internet platform. Well, we know clearly that the market value of China Mobile is several times that of the Xinhua Bookstore, that is to say, the communication business is very large compared to the reading business. You can not read a book for one month, and don’t look at the news attribute for a month, but you can’t talk for 7 days. The person says, "I can.". OK, you try it first, hey hey hey. Can’t hold it. Remember to tell us:

for micro-blog, very influential in 2011 and 2012, the WeChat has been forgotten in the corner, people have met with micro-blog, but soon in 2013, WeChat began to rise, then pry off micro-blog’s leading position, which can derive a way: communication before reading, then it means that you will be more and more dependent on WeChat, because it is the positioning of communication, can imagine the marginalization of micro-blog is inevitable. WeChat is the Tencent that big Internet companies Hailun, will rely on the strong viscous communication demand, this to do more business development based on the system of the development of the first big business is public, in the next few years will be a subtle change in business services products, instantly put micro-blog’s content operation man: hand piece, PR writer, attracted by the original author, if visual (visible form of crowd flow chart) display, which means a group of opinion leaders to the WeChat platform in migration, each side after a group of fans to go forward with great strength and vigour, if there is a chance to see the background data of 2012 and 2013 micro-blog. You will see the sharp drop in traffic. Makes the bystander zashe, make Sina official flustered.

WeChat is clearly not content with simply communicating

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