Do a little bit of my experience in website promotion

searched on the Internet, introduced the website promotion method article, a big basket. There is also a high perspicacity, the fish in troubled waters. To sum up, I find that most of the articles are so rough that they tend to ignore something that seems unimportant and may make a big mistake. Here, I combine my two years of experience in the construction of the station, to improve the site traffic needs to pay attention to some details of the issue of a summary. I have many There is no end for learning., not in place, I wish to see the revision and supplement, take my station


, not greedy and dissatisfied "snake" elephant. Landing search engines and strive for better keywords ranking has been a lot of webmaster talk about the promotion method, the fact also proved that its effect is huge. But there is a degree in everything. For example, do stand free movies, a lot of regret not to search for the first station the free movie or free movies in his station, Baidu is not hate Baidu one day can bring tens of thousands of traffic for themselves. But they forget the fine water flow of life philosophy, after a short pleasure, waiting for the Baidu K station is the outcome. Is there any way to avoid it? Yes, of course. Every day you look at Baidu with the flow, if more than ten thousand, or more than twenty thousand, suggest that you temporarily stop updating Baidu traffic to reduce and then continue to update; if a keyword to bring you thousands of traffic, advise you to replace it with a similar keywords. Do SEO must be appropriate, don’t forget that Baidu is a business company for you to bring huge traffic is not his duty free. Unless your content is absolutely original, he felt K off you will affect the user experience of.

two, Jichi free lunch. Bring a lot of traffic in the hao123.265 site navigation can also be the connection, but now want to log on to hao123 this particularly large flow site is not an easy thing. It doesn’t matter, landing on will also bring considerable traffic to you. Now the site navigation station roughly classified two categories, one is fixed. Connect the station, such as hao123.265, after you log on, site location generally did not change much. This web site is familiar to everyone, but introduces; one is the nature of the traffic exchange site, such as the wide web site (, KUKE entertainment navigation ( This kind of according to the web site is included for site number IP it to many sorted. Every 10 minutes to refresh a page ranking for you. The more IP it out, your ranking On the former, it can bring you more IP as before. Many webmaster love eat a free lunch, the landing of the web site or the connection in an obscure corner, or simply removed. Connecting the wide in. (www.gjj>

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