Adult supplies the first 15 years of entrepreneurial road operators Huanxitang

now society, spoke of "Adult supplies", still have most of the people can not accept, thousands of years of thought and culture has been rooted in our hearts, too trendy things not everyone can accept changran. The first to open up the market of entrepreneurs but he is wise, in this market a blank when he grabbed the opportunity; most people are not acceptable in this product, he dare to explore this deserted; when the original partner to give up to leave, he can still stick to the dream of entrepreneurship, so not everyone has courage.

, one of the largest adult goods distributors in China, has more than 100 chain stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong and many other regions. 15 years of experience; enjoy exclusive distribution rights of over ten brands and 5000 sexual products; and the only specialty chain of China health care association. These are the three "trump cards" in his hand". Li Wei is now the biggest ideal is to make this "Huanxitang" can become a world-class toy chain, so that more people become his customers.

, you’re looking for the right person." This is his first card in the office when he took the reporter’s business card. As one of the earliest pioneers in the Chinese toy market, he believes he has the ability to control this expansion. At present, his Huanxitang group is one of the largest Adult supplies dealers Chinese, has more than 100 chain stores in many areas of Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong, Guangdong, Tianjin etc.. Next, he will use 3 to 5 years to set up branches throughout the country, direct chain and franchise chain and other forms, the establishment of more than 1000 chain stores, and then Hongkong as a springboard to enter the international market.

"the next 3 to 5 years will certainly be the best time for the development of China’s sex goods market."." 15 years of experience; exclusive distribution rights for more than ten brands and 5000 items of sex; the exclusive support chain of adult health care providers of the China health care association. It was the three trump card in his hand". A street Service Center is the place for the interview in Beijing Ditan nearby, this is one of his community store, the area is not large. Interestingly, hanging on the door is not the company brand, but the street to the office of family planning services, mainly in order to cope with the superiors to check, as long as there is a street leading to the inspection work, only the company closed the door. This is the product warehouse, but also the image of one of the stores, hundreds of appliances, every kind of a superb collection of beautiful things for this small room, full of life. Li Weiguo told reporters: Beijing calculated roughly more than 60 community stores, plus more than 100 stores across the country’s business transaction flow, the year a total of about 30000000 yuan, net profit of about 5000000 yuan. Of course, this is far from being compared with the "grand occasion" when he opened the shop in 90s last century. In 1993, he opened the first Chinese sex goods store, which has produced 10 million yuan a year, which is only a single item

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