How do make my website P ten thousand per day

first of all I have to say myself, I am not a webmaster perfect in every respect more than a master station, my art is very poor, I basically have to do is to find a friend of my art, so, I usually, I use the set of procedures, such as moving easily, such as a cloud. Then find a friend to design a good template, he began to add the article, do stand! I’m not nonsense, first out of my station, Chongqing net

at the beginning of the site, this is every webmaster headache, various problems will haunt you, site name, site content, site development direction, and the site is another source of advertising position, just begin to do so, these problems, you should consider carefully, few to solve the problem, after that it is to add articles and site publicity, and see their statistics! Well, we began to do stand

journey, come with me!

you can see here, have opened my site, maybe my heart is still relatively confused, this is simply a began to do the new station, where ten thousand IP, it is bullshit, right, I give you, is what I began to do the new station, I want to say, is to let everyone together starting with me, a witness of what I want to say, and I have to do, is true and accurate! I have no standing out for everyone to watch, you will have the opportunity to


I was a fool, you should be smarter than me, I use my own language to explain the


first step: site selection procedures, I recommend – PowerEasy, there is a new cloud, I basically is the two application station, safe, and convenient! Of course, security is based on the server, if your server is not safe, so your site no security at all!

As for the beautification of the

template, the can do it yourself, not to download, if the download is not satisfied, you can find me, I help you to imitate, of course, I am not free, I am the master, the chief aim is to make money, so you have to pay this not to do! Advertising, oh, please forgive me!

The second step:

site direction, now the site of a wide variety, no matter and content, entertainment sites, women site, various industry site, everything, I do not suggest that you do these, of course I do except industry site, is a Chongqing area network station program for the PowerEasy system, Chongqing net, most of the administrative map of Chongqing City, most of the Chongqing county map, introduced the history of Chongqing and modern celebrity celebrity, the districts of Chongqing tourist attractions and map content is that, after a year of testing I visited, the content is quite large, it is stable and old customers very much return rate is very high,


third step: content sources, about content sources, you can search online, find relevant websites, direct >

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