Commission issued a new three board to the GEM board will launch a pilot


new board two years ushered in more than 4000 companies, especially since the second half of this year, with the stock market staged a "roller coaster", plus the IPO suspended, making the new board to become the main battlefield of the small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve rapid financing. In order to promote the rapid development of three new board, the Commission issued the opinions on further promoting the development of the National SME share transfer system, proposed the overall requirements of the current development of the national share transfer system.


research launched the gem transfer board pilot

Commission spokesman Zhang Xiaojun introduction, opinions from seven aspects to promote the national stock transfer system to improve the deployment of the system. In terms of sound and innovative market system, covering a wide range of areas such as financing, trading, market stratification, hosted brokerage management.

for the nature of the market and the positioning of the multi-level capital market system, the opinion pointed out that we should adhere to the national share transfer system independent market position, the company is not listed on the transfer of the listing of the transition board. But the national share transfer system is not an isolated market, should focus on the organic connection of the establishment of a multi-level capital market, on the launch of the national share transfer system listed company turn to the GEM board pilot, allowing qualified regional equity market operation and management institutions to carry out the recommendation of business pilot, explore the establishment of regional equity market cooperation docking mechanism.

does not reduce investor access conditions

in order to improve the market liquidity and price discovery efficiency, the "opinions" required to develop diversified institutional investors, the introduction of the public offering of securities investment fund investment in listed securities; optimize existing transaction system, vigorously develop the city by way of transfer.

Zhang Xiaojun said that the "opinions" is a guiding document for promoting the healthy development of transfer system in a period of national stock, both efforts to solve the current problems in the development, and the future, subsequent innovation and long-term development of the market reserve policy space. Given the conditions are not yet ripe, at this stage will not reduce the conditions of access to investors, the introduction of continuous auction trading.

at present, the Commission has started the revision of the "opinions" the implementation of the related rules and development work, the national stock transfer companies must also improve the rules, supporting the development of the market stratification schemes and choose the market for public comment.


financing first break billion mark

new third market hot this year to "hot", many film companies, stampede in financial enterprises. National SME share transfer system website information display, as of November 20th, three new board listed company reached 4239, the total share capital of 235 billion 107 million shares. The first cut on Friday, the first three months of this year, the size of the first three new board financing breakthrough billion mark.

whether it is listed on the scale of financing or a substantial increase compared to last year. As of the end of last year, three new board listing >

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