Development proposals for new websites

, domain name and space choice.

this is a necessary condition for the establishment of the domain name is a must; if you do not want to spend money space can be used for free, just free advertising, website development, free space providers recommend the use of free software ( The domain name space recommended buy goods nets ( or China data ( service, Tiger wing net ( can also be considered.

two, website filing.

it is important that the non filing website is illegal and does not conform to the state regulations. The record is actually very simple, visit the website of the Ministry of information industry (, registered an account, registration must use the actual mobile phone number and email, the Ministry of information industry will issue the corresponding registration code to mobile phone and email, and enter the two register to complete the registration. After registration must submit the record information of the website, including the domain name, IP address list, the domain name space service provider name, address, ID number or business registration information, the person in charge and other relevant information, submit the lost after twenty days, the left and right time approval results down, will be issued to your registered mailbox, and then the related record information to the domain name and space service providers, and the corresponding position is uploaded to the site, your site can be opened in the operation, can be normal upload and download pages.

three, website construction.

builds content based on your own ideas. Original content, Baidu favorite included, try not to copy other people’s content, otherwise it will be downgraded. Don’t aim too much for SEO, so as not to be K. At this station ( blood lessons suggest new Webmaster: try not to use the framework; try not to join the Union; try not to use a domain name under the two level domain name; try not to offend Baidu, Baidu will really bring a lot of traffic; the website also don’t stack keywords and

hidden keywords, so as not to be punished by search engines.

four, profitability strategy.

initial flow without using Google Advertising (Google Webmaster tools will help optimize the site), when there is traffic, you can consider adding Ali mom’s advertising, or better cooperation with Baidu.

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