Experience sharing how do apply for the promotion of Baidu Network Alliance

online circulating a statement, Baidu said to have a preference for hanging Baidu web promotion ", and included in the rankings will have a little advantage. For this statement, I communicate with most of the webmaster, most of which is to deny this view. But I prefer to believe some attitude, try holding the mentality to apply for Baidu theme promotion, if the argument is not to Weakness lends wings to rumours.? Baidu alliance page, spend tens of seconds to verify the site, spend tens of seconds to fill out the registration information, the second day passed, I excitedly found that only through the search for the promotion of cooperation and promote new business cooperation, the most critical web promotion but also be applied, this high to the high of a sudden feeling to the origin is very painful.

then apply for Baidu Wangmeng promotion, web promotion application requirements is very high, that is to rank in the 5W station, like one of my station, ranked at around 500W, and Baidu’s difference. At this time, trouble, I applied for a network 4 times, not by. I almost lost confidence, but I insist on the fifth application, actually passed, may be hard work pays off.

Every time when

was refused to re apply, I have on my station and application data were adjusted during the station IP traffic changes in my small, to fifth times through the application actually, I do not know is not a blind cat met the dead mouse or adjust my application materials and the station set up and if the latter, I put my application process to share out, want to apply for Baidu theme has not yet passed the people a little experience.

(1) apply for

for the first time

I truthfully fill out the application information, the site traffic natural selection of 1W below, if there is 5K below, I will not hesitate to choose, because my site traffic is only about 1 thousand ip. Then this site probably fill in a withdrawal immediately after application website about GG advertising, Baidu wants to give a good impression, the result is about fourth days to receive mail that did not pass, my website does not meet the requirements, please perfect after application, because these days did not hang GG, the loss of the GG revenue.

(two) second applications

was rejected after I immediately re apply, when the fill in the data and get smart, Baidu you can’t know my real website, so I did not hesitate to choose the above 1W website when fill in some detail, but the result is still the same, was rejected, while spent three day time.

(three) third applications

As for the two time delay

before 1 weeks, also lost 1 weeks hanging GG income, third times for I have no competition between GG and Baidu, hang GG code, then for Baidu alliance, and I chose more traffic, chose 10W to on the website, but also write a little loud, the Baidu refused to firmly.

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