write soft Wen show off

has not written the soft language for a long time, today does not write. Come up and complain. I registered the account at the beginning of February. Written before and after 7 soft text. Today, because the mood is really bad. Come up, ADMIN5, look. Generally I’m in a bad mood. I love to come here. I’ve got my account number, and I found that the click rate of some articles is ok. By the way, the next reason, what problems I like to find the reason, to Baidu search, and found that I wrote the soft Wen has been many websites reprint. Here I will tell you why to ADMIN5 to send soft text. Have noticed that everyone knows, in Admin5 hair article, one day you can be included. There’s another point. There are so many people reprinted here. Reprinted more people means that you write the soft text is not only in the webmaster network publicity, and some other web site will help you publicity, we can see I have written 7.

Is the

URL good or bad?

we can’t eat meat. We’ll have soup,

, 10 points for a successful webmaster,

garbage station is doomed to fail,

heaven and hell – space quotient

doesn’t live long enough to eat the market,

Ma Yun succeeds in people. Where do you succeed,


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