Baidu ranking instability

I am a webmaster novice, learning to do stand less than a year, learning SEO optimization less than half a year, deeply understand the hardships as a webmaster. Sour, sweet, bitter, hot salty has basically experienced personal sorrow and joy, today the website is running a little experience About Baidu ranking is not stable to write, hope predecessors advice. Good point said that Baidu natural ranking problems sometimes subject to changing moods. Baidu’s natural rankings are often full of jumps and instabilities. Let’s not do not know how it is. Today, tomorrow may be ranked third, ranked 100 in the future, even maybe even keyword ranking shadow also can not find? Really do not understand what is the reason? Here I stood in the garden she ( as an example, after I feel the following points.

one, first about ranking active:

my station, doing some website search engine optimization, for example with the keyword California about 1 months or so, Google is a step by step slowly from 100 to 50 to 30 outside, 10 to crawl, it should be said that the speed is relatively slow, but steady growth, the best ranked ninth, now 12. Very in line with my understanding of optimization. There are also some repeated, but not very obvious, should belong to the problem of database synchronization.

The Baidu

is not consistent with the natural growth rule, first ranking in 186, basically no what changes included is very slow, there are two days down to around 300, after a period of time in 70 around, but recently suddenly jump to third, beenincluded also increased significantly. And bring more than 600 daily traffic, just like suddenly eating Viagra, very fierce. This lasted about 5 days, the best results ranked third, now 44, halo, there is no gradual improvement in the process. It was an old saying: "let me rejoice and let me worry."."

two, not to mention stability:

my website, a few popular keywords, to Taobao book as an example, the first place in Baidu ranked second, second only to Taobao. Take more than 400 traffic every day. All of a sudden, a month, two months ranking basically missing, but Google has been relatively stable in the third place. Search and popular vocabulary name also could not find, such as Scarlett about (according to the rendezvous modified) at the beginning of Baidu and Google were ranked in the first place, but the words are popular Baidu brother suddenly abandoned, about a month and can not find it, in the recently released in the first day, it can know how long in this position.

My experience with

a new good ranking in the short term, the site is not a good thing, there is not enough content and well within the chain cycle was hard to keep a ranking. Do not eat into fat. That is the reason why the website need to update, update, also need to optimize to get good rankings. Content is king + external >

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