Did your server open the S80 port

, I am the webmaster of Chinese medicine network. I have been a portal for two years. I have also shared many local portal experiences with A5. I continue to share experience with A5 on this platform today. This site I did from 2009, using 3 servers, but only third times with the server open the iis80 port, and see the effect of less than the intention, the following to share with you.

IIS80 port open means that as long as the domain name to the IP you can access this website to you, some domestic service providers also forced the closure of 80 port, the closure is not disabled, not let you use port 80, but add a domain name on the IIS site to add a 80 port to do domain name only bind to any one of the 80, such as below:


automatically open port 80, that included the amount increased significantly, of course I began to do some optimization also two domain names, no successful results finally stopped, in order not to let these two domain traffic loss will open the iis80 port, then site: yaodu360.com found that a large number of two domain names in different degrees the update, it is worth noting that all the contents of our website all hand release, without using any acquisition, Baidu weight is very high, the web site is included from the initial more than 1000 to more than 2500, and then a week after it increased to more than 5000, more than 7000, more than 9000. Later, it is stable at more than 10 thousand the reverse link greatly but also recently discovered here refers to improve, without WWW, from more than 2500, after the Spring Festival was updated to more than 8000 external links, Google The amount collected from more than 1000 to more than 15 thousand, all the keywords ranking are up, if you use the server does not prevent open IIS80 port to see if the service provider does not allow you to open, you do not open, because the record of things we all know, cannot be bound without filing domain, you open the iis80, without registration you can also access the domain name. Service providers certainly do not want to. The chamber of commerce service investigation, police will check, check the fuse board. There’s a lot of trouble. Just put it this way. It’s absolutely useful to you. Respect the author’s many days and nights of experience.

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