500 yuan seed users beautiful said how to do that promotion

profile: beautiful, the standard color of the website is determined to be rose powder. The team thought for a long time, since it is necessary to make vertical social services for women, they must drive men out and let them in. For this reason, both blue and green are excluded from the alternatives. Finally, the selected rose powder was once ridiculed by peers or not…

beauty is the leading female fashion sharing community in the country. It was founded in November 2009 by Xu Yirong in Beijing, Zhongguancun. Before starting his career, he had a bright background: an undergraduate at Peking University, a master of Standford, and an engineer at IBM Morton research center. Love for data mining and based on Internet technology, after returning to Xu Yirong founded RSS online reading service "zhuaxia net", but due to the high quality of the reading needs of ordinary users to high estimates, zhuaxia network development is not smooth, closed in 2009 and sold to the bean.

beautiful says founder Xu Yirong

six months later, Xu Yirong in Huaqing 80 square meters of three bedrooms and a living room, began his second pioneering work. After five years of development, as of the third quarter of 2014, beauty said the cumulative financing four rounds, totaling $80 million, with more than 100 million registered users, the number of active users per day more than 10 million, the number of businesses reached 10 thousand. Its mobile applications installed capacity of more than 75 million, contributed 70% of the order volume. From Analysys think tank data show that in September the mobile terminal active users is 9 million 720 thousand, the highest among the same electricity supplier shopping guide application. Of these active users, more than 66% are 85, and more than half of them are 90. Beautiful said, not only to provide users with seasonal trends, single product information, clothing and accessories of various styles, but also launched a fashion, beauty, questions and answers and other services.

$500 seed user

The preparations for

‘s beauty began in mid 2009. Xu Yirong, in a conversation with her co – workers (who later became the director of operations), was keenly aware of the need to share what she bought with her girlfriends. He also noted that in Wudaokou, where he had lived for many years, every morning at 4 o’clock, roadside vendors began to peddle their wares, a large proportion of which was sold for girls’ favorite clothes. The girls who live in Wudaokou are becoming more and more beautiful and fashionable, and Xu Yirong wants to move the trend online.

that mobile Internet has not yet emerged, the client is a typical idea, so he found part-time to spend one month to develop a browser called "go" browser plug-in. As the "stroll" installation cumbersome, test users do not buy it, and ultimately only precipitation 4, 5 users, but also internal staff.

in November 2009, micro-blog started in china. Xu Yirong began to consider the Internet communications technology and vertical field of integration, the micro-blog model learned from, and women fashion to a piece, for accustomed to the price war homogenization business, another battlefield. After several weeks of shift.

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