2009 experience in website optimization summary

because the site structure has been stereotyped, I can not change too much, can only try to optimize the site, so as to meet its taste, so as to achieve the search engine included. The text search engine crawl rate is the highest, he did not identify the picture, so I basically is three days to add a few articles, in order to search engines, until now Baidu included an average of around 80, a little less, Baidu included less means that when customers in Baidu search out our information rarely, so the next step is to increase the Baidu included, the specific operation:

is to increase the external links to the major sites for B2B industry release products, handmade hair is slow, but the effect is the best, now there is this mass software, but the effect is not very good, the search engine that this is cheating, can be a short time (as in a month or so) but a long time, the search engine will shut down the site, not included, so I have never used these software, improve the PR value, the need to increase the reverse link, the first to do is to Links, other websites Link Exchange, or post, forum or blog, which I work every day in as for the search engines, he is not the time to your site to see, there is new information he will automatically collect, no words left, no regularity, make it difficult to ponder, There are several major search engines have included the company’s website, Google Sogou soso search YAHOO live a Sohu, now a little problem is that they included, they included means that any one product search words in them, we will appear, these are about 100 articles.

the next step in my work is to increase the search engine is included, included more, web site traffic and browsing will definitely go up, this process will be a bit longer. (of course, I am not in work for their own interpretation).

there is a Alibaba registered member honesty, actually this is to do a website is the same, the only difference is that you can view the buyer’s contact information, for customers to call, what is the Alibaba this platform is a lot of people know that, like Baidu, visibility is high, very popular, so I think a registered member honesty, is helpful to us, but now I dare not promise that has been registered to do business integrity, but there must be hard to do, Human effort is the decisive factor., certainly will pay off, the key also see sales methods and our reputation and if necessary, I think the hc360.com can actually registered members, two of them are the same, the difference is big and famous than the Alibaba. Alibaba is mainly the rapid consumption, HC is mainly mechanical in this respect, they are two annual fees, if done correctly, this auction than in Baidu money, Alibaba is 2800 yuan a year, HC is 2300 yuan, there is I look at which website the flow is relatively large, these sites are you >

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