View the ten excellent site navigation station selection results

read an article on the internet widely circulated "2009 top ten most popular web site navigation" results "popular articles, the expression is not difficult to see that the contest is organized thoroughly and selection based on full, open and fair selection results, no matter from which point of view, we can see the common aspiration the results represent the netizens.

"2009 most popular ten site navigation station" selection results, the article content is

follows the quote:

in 2009, dozens of well-known large websites jointly launched the web site navigation station voting activities, and formulated a strict selection criteria, as follows:

voting criteria: included in the website security, including the quality of the site, friendly interface, the popularity of the site and more than a dozen aspects.

voting time: the voting campaign took place from 10 January 2009 to May 20, 2009

voting basis: the number of votes as the basis for the selection IP,

voting coverage: unlimited

voting staff: up to about 1000000 passengers,

poll: the poll was open and fair, and all the data were made public during the voting process.

poll site: the site’s navigation site for the poll is for Chinese navigation stations only. There are more than 1000 websites at the site,.

vote number: the site’s navigation station, which voted for the site, selected only the ten most popular sites in 2009, the navigation station.

poll results:

after four months of voting contest, the majority of Internet users actively participate in the voting in the open and fair environment, comprehensive assessment in strict accordance with the ten released, the final selection of the 2009 top ten most popular web site navigation,

, the first hao123 home site, which is an old site navigation station, heroes bujiandangnian, big boss in


second, 265 Internet navigation, this is an old web site, tight web site navigation second place;

third, universal navigation nets, the station belongs to the directory station, site navigation station is a complex and exquisite article directory assembly, such as the "recipe" and "recipes" and "lose weight" is a fine article directory, regardless of the degree of comfort and leisure, practicality, represents a new power, many web site has no >

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