The final outcome of the war was going on micro blog

after Sina micro-blog hit, there seems to be a catch up from behind the momentum of the Tencent. By the end of 2012, data show that Tencent micro-blog users exceeded 540 million, Sina, micro-blog more than 500 million, WeChat’s launch to allow more Sina, micro-blog users transferred to Tencent, micro-blog. Social media marketing Masamori, how to attract wealthy advertisers, how the user experience first placement situation, to maximize the advertising effect, Sina micro-blog and micro-blog Tencent are eager, just as I go to see their own.


, Sina, micro-blog is more active than Tencent,


Tencent will be integrated into the instant messaging tool QQ client and the QQ social network community and a series of platform, users can publish micro-blog through multiple ports, tens of million active users level into a lot of new users to the Tencent micro-blog.

for iResearch consulting chief consultant Cao Junbo said in 2011, the number of registered users is just one of the many indicators of an online platform for value assessment, other important indicators include the number of active users, access frequency, online time. "Although the number of registered users of Tencent, micro-blog, but according to iResearch monitoring data, Sina, micro-blog’s independent visitors and visits on the PC side is still higher than Tencent.".

now, it is totally nonsense. First we start from the Sina user group, a new report shows, a University of Hong Kong researchers did a study of nearly 57% registered users, Sina micro-blog never published a post, it seems these are non active account or created by the marketing company of the so-called "fans" account. The time of the study was 2012, and the measures taken by Sina later changed users’ behavior to some extent.

also at the end of 2012 earnings conference call with analysts, Sina official said micro-blog active users only 46 million 200 thousand, other users are basically in soy sauce, or index "diving", that is to say, 530 million registered users also can view the not so.

take a look at the Tencent micro-blog, talking about micro-blog, can not help but talk about WeChat. In just two years, the number of WeChat users has risen sharply to 300 million. Someone will ask, WeChat’s popular with micro-blog what? The Tencent’s products such as instant messaging QQ client, WeChat mobile terminal and other social platforms have been opened up, Sina and micro-blog is just one, from the user viscosity, far higher than the Tencent micro-blog Sina micro-blog. When it comes to user activity, it can be said that the problem is obvious.

, Tencent and Sina, who knows more about commercial advertising than anyone else?

before Sina, micro-blog, Sina all the way from the community, games, search, electricity providers came, do everything, but it seems nothing done, although known as the portal, but the community side and >

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