My webmaster career website from less change more

my name is Xiaoming, friends are so called today, I say I do stand story! Do stand also for almost a year, until now there is no one stand out, last year do poineering home shopping network and (domain name now useless) you can see what is now, in December last year to do a good job, a lot of Google station, included almost 20 thousand, Baidu K, now I have almost no site included, there is new this year included, into this first Baidu K to blame me when do not let Baidu included a relationship the results, when doing style for a week without content so by K, was also included on the website later 1000, well, Baidu also re submitted, start looking for investors, then did not succeed, Intend to continue in the coming year, the website is new year’s day, I’m at home every day to update.

              this is the situation appeared, in the year 30 after 8 days, the station suddenly open, said it is looking for space business server checked said a few days, although I have no backup website and database, but I believe in customer service customer service has been, because it may also, after a few days I find they suddenly found the QQ customer service online, to the official to go to the station, then panic but all efforts of our team, it is the result of months of my efforts, I do not believe, I and Baidu Google searches, the results found that many owners like and I cheated, but many are looking for "gold" (dimensional data can be Baidu search) "boss, then I added a lot of activist group, and report the report, what’s the use, I want the most data. Although some customers get the data, but the venture home is located in the server is not open, at that time I did not sad, he comforted myself that this is a good thing, I can re design venture home, anyway last year’s station is not fully developed, and then I broke up the team, change QQ, change a lot can change, at ease at home after a good year, a winter vacation this but since I read at home most of the time.

statistics about the first station failure loss RMB3000 yuan, duration of 4 months, the hair did not count, a team of 19 people, the state did not fully recover now do not know what the reason, but also get a lot of experience.

Over the years,

returned to Wuhan and began to busy with the new station, first find the space business, then met aivin, he was also a victim of Jin, we went to buy a special space, also do a proxy, space buy 5G, (I still haven’t learned the lessons of the last), believe in space taking it, but then because of space has no team, and I haven’t, because my landscaping is poor, their requirements are high, waiting for the old Yang, so after the new year a month I did not go to do poineering home, not.

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