Webmaster should learn how to choose domain name to buy domain name

many friends, after learning seo. For choosing domain names or not confident?. Hesitated, afraid to spend money wrong place. Bought a high priced domain name, listening to other people about the purchase of domain names funny, make him very sad. Let me share with you today. How to choose domain name. Select the domain name before you want to query network registered the domain name is not already registered by others. This is the first point. It’s also an important point. So what。 We want to search in the search engine in the domain name is used! We have to enter the domain name: Baidu www.988bj.com domian:www.988bj.com, for example, if there is a list of information about this domain. This domain name is used! If there is no domain name information. This is a new domain name, here I feel that there is a record of domain names used to be an old domain name. If it meets the simple conditions I say. Then sign up and have it right away. Now the domain name is very popular, from inquiries to registration, time is best to control within 10 minutes, not too long interval. Because the good domain name is not much now. Because there are too many people registered. If you choose to study the domain name, and too much time to delay. A good domain name by others The early bird catches. Keep this in mind,

choosing domain names is important. It is more important to choose a good domain name. How to choose a good domain name, to do SEO optimization, the site has a very favorable, included effect

domain name is just like my home address and house number. People have to remember where my family is. The address, the house number is very important. To put it simply, just remember my house number. People browse websites, too. Domain name is the first impression of the station. Remember this station to get more PV and increase the amount of access. Here we take Baidu as a case, why do many people know Baidu, but also like Baidu?. Personally, there are many reasons. One thing is certain: Baidu’s domain name selection is good, first of all, a good domain name. Look at Baidu’s domain name: www.baidu.com, and its domain name is up to good standards. Domain name is Chinese pinyin. Good remember. And the input is simple. People remember that Baidu remembers the Baidu house number. Baidu domain name selection is good, Baidu is the first step to success.

secondly, the domain name must be within 5.6 characters, and the characters should not be too long. Be sure to remember. Choosing domain names is also an important step in our marketing. It’s a simple influence on my product to let customers remember my brand.

and that is, the domain name must be beneficial to other people’s input habits. It’s better to choose letters that are closer to the keyboard center, so that it’s time consuming for the input. Easy to input, more convenient,


finally, want to talk about the best domain characters choose to read more fluently, not to bite the tongue of the letter. And then there is. Recommend you choose the domain name, the appropriate choice of t this letter. Watch closely, Sina, NetEase, Sohu, micro-blog is www.t.xxx.com, so <

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